The beginning of the end….

Hello People!
Finally me has a blog… shall ruin happy people and peaceful lives in my own sickeningly sweet hyperactive puppy way….
and even if my nihilistic wish does not come true,,,ah what the heck! Here’s one place where i truly get to express me-self
hee hee ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

4 Responses to “The beginning of the end….”

  1. Udeesha Says:

    Way to go chits! Already love your blog! It’s just what our trauma(or is it traumatic?) club always wanted… Congrats once again and happy blogging!

  2. sou Says:

    (dark silence, fake smoke machines spraying fake mist… an audio clip of a banshee screeching plays in the background and blends with the evil cackle of…) Me.. muahahahahhahaaa… oh chitty chitty chitty… aren’t I gonna make you regret the fact that you started the blog and actually asked me to comment on it.

  3. Nipun Java Says:

    yeah, Im from MIS, whoz you?

  4. autogato Says:

    Just searching through your old blog postings! Loving them!

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