Nostalgia is an amazing emotion..It almost always brings a smile back to your face..Especially if you are reminiscing (yet another) moment you made a complete ass of yourself…but enjoyed it nevertheless.

What happens if you cross TVNMCB with Ekta Kapoor?
Read on……
This email of mine was such a huge hit, I had friends fwdin it and all…

Thursday, July 8, 2004:
Hey ppl!!!

Well blv it or not I was actually one among the many blore ‘youths’ who actually went to audition for the screen test of Ekta Kapoor’s new serial ‘Kitni mast hain zindagi” and boy it was fun. I managed to make it to round 2, but got eliminated…sad….Guess I have no real chance in the celluloid world, but I had fun! And hey I got the chance to go for a screen test for the first time in my life! And the cameraman even said I was good (and he was kinda cute ;) I was happy

And hey guys u may get to see me make a complete ass of myself on MTV when they are airing the making of the show.

So how did I make an ass of myself?
Well you see this whole ‘screen test’ was a lot like channel [V]’s ‘Popstars’. There were at least sum 600 ppl who turned up for auditions – Of which 120 ppl were chosen for round 2. In the first round all of us were given a few lines to say (and what trauma lines yaar…typically ekta kapoor!). My hindi was pretty good! I dint screw up in terms of intoNAAAAAAtion and diction and stuff!

Those of us who made it to round 2 were packed in a bus and sent to a swanky hotel for the actual screen test. Here we were given dialogue sheets and had to mug up our lines and emote in front of a camera! It was so much fun!!! I mean u should’ve seen the atmosphere..a lobby filled with “budding artistes” getting into the groove as if their lives depended on it! Hee hee……
The guys had fun lines to say….but for us girls there was a choice btwn 2 ‘pati parmeshwar’ kinda lines and one evil vixen kamalika baudi type line. The choices were bad – but as you know me…I decided to try out for the evil type vamp role. I mean who wants to be a soppy sob!

So after we by-hearted our dialogues, we guys were given these trauma sheets on which our names and phone numbers were written. We then had to stand in a tiny room…were told not to move and look directly into the camera. They then asked us to hold those sheets in front of our faces (as if our mug shots were being taken) and one dude said ‘ACTION’ ….

Man it was scary..i swear! I am so used to large stage spaces, the restricted space and that freakin camera right in front of my nose really intimidated me. Still…I put my best foot forward and fully got into the ekta kapoor groove…overdoing it with the overacting and all…

but what did I say: don’t rub ur eyes in disbelief, I actually said the following:
“Woh Kusum (oops Kkussum) apni aap ko samajhti kya hain? use lagta hain ki who mere pyaar mujhse cheen legi? Kabhi nahin! To kya hua agar aaj Gaurav uski baahon main hain..kal..woh mere aanchal se bandha hoga! Apni bachpan ki saheli ko dhokha dekar usne bahut bura kiya..jiske saza main usko dekar rahoongi…”

(full and all huh? And then suddenly I got all excited at this point and said the next few lines with full emotion!)
“Agar gaurav ko paane ka plan kaamyaab kusum aur gaurav ek doosre se door ho jaayenge…aur gaurav mera aur SIRF MERA HOGA..sirf mera….guarav I LOOOOVE YOU!!!..TUM MERE HOOOOO…”

Yes I know…Kya dialogue! but imagine what happened after that — as soon as I finished saying those lines I BURST out laughin cos I JUST couldn’t take it!! The cameraman was also in splits…it was all so funny! and even my laughter got caught on camera!

Aww well so I dint get selected..guess them judges were offended with my callous attitude towards the “gaurav ko paana” plot! But I had a blast!!!! And I swear..i really enjoyed this experience. Maybe if I had chosen those pati parmeshwar lines which went “mera pati bekasoor hain!” or “hey bhagwan tumne kya kiya? Kyun ye jaanlewa beemari unhi ko diya?” I would’ve done better..and come to think of it, vampish lines and a cherubic face just don’t go they?? Then again, I thought it suited my personality…;) hee hee…

All in all this entire experience was grt fun! And I swear more screen tests and im gonna go for it baybeh! Only trust ekta kapoor to not veer from fact I was hoping to met the grt kapoor…but I guess i had to be content with meeting those dumb MTV VJ’s.

But all’s well that’s ends well….

Keep in touch and mail me ok!

Ur next door ‘budding superstar’ 😉

Well as you can imagine I did not watch MTV for the next three months…so I wonder if the editors at MTV took pity on me..or if I did get my five minutes of fame on ‘Ekta kapoor bloopers.’ Who knows…..all budding superstars start somehwere don’t they????

5 Responses to “KYUNKI…..MAIN BHI STAR BANOONGI!!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    TVNMCB!lol. This is hilarious.I’ve watched such programs on M and V at times, and always wondered what sort of people go for these crazy competitions, meaningless challenges, pointless dares, and the like.Well, now I know what sort of people go there!I don’t know if MTV used your laughter in their program, but they SHOULD have used your email! Did you ever send them a copy?Well, your blog is trauma all right, (trauma dialogues, trauma experiences) but it’s a nice, fun-loving trauma!Keep it up!–N J

  2. Udeesha Says:

    Chits!!!! I LOOOVE YOU!!!Heheheheheehehe!!Hope you go for another audition sooon and send us a sequel on this…!Loooove,Udeesha.

  3. sou Says:

    Oh my god!! I remember this like it happened yesterday.. oh wait was it yest.. was it.. See how u confuse ur friends coz ur always goin to these weird competitions.. maaaaan chitty i still can’t believe u din try out for popstars.. 😦 wanted to see u sing on TV… And just coz ur working now doesn’t mean u shouldn’t make time for more of these .. how else will Ashu kutti and I take part in these competitions (and enjoy the thrills vicariously) 😛

  4. Uday Says:

    OMG!!! I dont even wanna comment on it! lol!!!Didnt you burst out laffing reading those lines? 😀

  5. Animesh Says:

    🙂I wish I was there to play the infamous rich boy playboy with flashy cars and flashier suits.

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