In memoriam

I am mourning the loss of my cell phone and will be incommunicado for the next week or so.

Some auto fellow will make a quick buck out of my baby.

Good thing is it is possible to retain your phone number if not the instrument,

yet… .I’m only weeping 😦

18 Responses to “In memoriam”

  1. Meera Marathe Says:

    Deep sympathy.We mourn with you

  2. Aunty Angel Says:

    Zo Zorry to hear….I’ve been through it too….don’t worry….we will wait for you to be ‘communicado’ again.

  3. S.M Says:

    Oo for a phone, cell or otherwise! Speaking of ‘Oo’s, the ABVP students’s body here has put up a note wishing teachers a good teachers’ day, and one line reads, Oo, Teacher! Quite unintentional and unintended. Ha, and ha, and ha once again. Write an elegy for your cell phone, that will give you something to do after you have finished cooking (or eating, whichever falls to your lot). Have fun in forced sanyasa from cell phones. Have you experienced withdrawal symptoms? Reminds me of how in traditional Indian families a husband was forced to appreciate the goodies he had by the custom of sending the wife to her parents’ home at prescribed times, forcing on him a sanyasa he could have done without (but which the wife presumably appreciated!)! Enjoy your freedom, or slavery, as the case may be. All the same much love.

  4. ZZZ Says:

    What???? Was it that cute little Sony Ericsson?? I LOVED IT- It waslike YOUR phone- I have so many memories associated with it!!:(:(

  5. Trauma Queen Says:

    yes it was the swaet silver colored sony ericson 😦my first baby whihc i bought with my own hard-earned money.and it was going to celebrate its second happy birthday next weekand i had even put a pretty ganesha sticker on it to protect it from all harm but it’s gone….waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhow can they do this to me………how can they steal mine own babywaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. mousya Says:

    uh oh… hope u get a new one soon.. i know u’ll still miss ur fonebut atleast u’ll be reachable again..take careme

  7. Surabhi Says:

    wat is this careless ness? ha n ways how did it happen? so wen u gettin the new phone? i hope sooon tabhi i was msg ing u and i would not get replyie!!!

  8. ZZZ Says:

    Oh so it IS that baby??? I LOVED that phone of yours!

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…waaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnhhhhhh–I hate this!:( I remember how I would fully fiddle with it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:(:( And the ringtone you assigned for your Pappa ji, and I remember how the instrument also gave you a little trouble in MA. And the other QWAET little ringtones you had stored.. and well, the phone itself!:(:(:( I am feeling the vAEry the bad…:(I saw the Ganpu sticker, but didn;t it also have a ‘Fower Fuff girls’:) sticker- like the one your bye- cycle:) had????

    And SM’s comments are VERY interesting to read!:) Really. The ABVP poster he’s talking about is HIGH- larious – it REALLY is. I FULLY want a photocopy of it only!:):):) What is all the ‘sanyasa’ trauma??? :):):) What the AElse?:) The BYE.:)

  9. rohit Says:

    who’s the father?! :-> hee hee hee

  10. goofsta Says:

    good fun…jus got in touch with a lil of your trauma…n boy did it scare the living shit outta me…well not really…just like to use such phrases…came to your blog through rohit(bhains)…dunno if you know him or not…but he told me to go n check out your i go-ed(in case you already know rohit then you should be pretty much used to such kind of non jokes…or as they are popularly known – bhainsisms)…over n out

  11. Mom Says:

    That is really sad, but I am sure it may be in the corner of your bag somewhere. If it is lost that means you are really stressed out. Anyway keeping away from phone may have a reason. Maybe you need calm and peace.

  12. Smitha Murthy Says:

    Oh Protagonist in Traumatic Agony!!I deeply understand the nature of your loss. It is indeed a deeply heart-breaking event. My most profound sympathies and condolences. Hopefully, although your next “baby” may not be the same, still may you bounce out of this state of incommunicado as quickly as possible (after a respectful mourning period, of course).With warmest regards,A One-Time Sufferer of the Same.

  13. swajetli Says:

    My deepest heart felt condolences. How old was it. Did it live a good happy life with you? I hope it finds the strength to bear your and its’ numbers’ loss.And ya, you’ll come to love ur new baby just as much……..

  14. Trauma Queen Says:

    Hello all, Sniff Sniffit was so sweet to rec. ever so many thought felt condolence wishes from all of you.good news is, I aint beethoevn, but I’m BACH!bought off a new cell and all..tho to be very honest, it stresses me out like hell cos I so aint used to new polyphonic ring tones and blinding colour displays…..maane the first time my phone rang, I almost got a heart attack (and the sad thing is, ‘basic’ phones today are “colour phones maddam!!! with mms and gprs and wap and yellow toth..err tooth and yeh aur woh …”TRAUMA ONLY!!!MISS MY SWEET ERICSSON WHICH THEY HAVE STOPPED MAKING 😦Bhains: i guess eric is the papa since my phone was an eric-son…now dont u dare get naughtier ideas..dont even think of it!!!!!goofsta: unfortunately I know bhains…..will check out ur blog sum day….looks like fun 🙂

  15. anjali Says:

    Just saw ur new “baby” today. The 6610i, a kyamera foon. Fully cuteeee! It’s not the same as your old baby but I hope u’ll grow to lurrrv this one as much as ur first child. Don’t u get all stepmotherly now! Oh yeah, welcome back to the world of the communicados!Stay connected!

  16. phreakv6 Says:

    (sniff)i know how it feels.. cheer upbeen therelost that.lost my sweet medusa ( my notebook )(sniff\)

  17. zzz Says:

    Oh, I think NONE of the Nokia models are PERFECT, you know! Like for example in order to hear the barely audible ringtones, you have to set the volume at, say, level 4, and then when you get a message, there is a SONIC BOOM, which makes ALL those around you JUMP OUT OF THEIR SKINS cos the corresponding volume of the message alert is MUCH HIGHER! It happens to me alll the time here in the comp lab. When I get a message, all those around me get mini / major (depending on how faint -hearted they are) heart attacks!!!!!!!!

  18. ashukutty Says:

    hahahaha :))))))))))) lol..ur totaltrauma..brings me out of my trauma in office..its such a treat to my brains..away from all those numbers..nice to c only alphabets..i njoyed readin the comments decided i too shud contribute..though it mite not be as funny as some of the comments..and who is tat ZZZ ..sleepy person who dosent like nokia phone..i m sure u must be loving ur new baby..but where it came from..cozname says ‘No”Kia’..jab kuch kia nahi to a baby kaha se aaya..

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