Planet of the Wapes???

What is it with a guy’s obsession for getting laid???

Why is getting laid perhaps the greatest and most sought after achievement for a male?

You’d think that all humans strive to reach the top in Maslow’s order of needs, and all humans would include men right?
But how is it that all men inherently get stuck at level one – food, beer and sex. Are they daft enough to think that reaching the pinnacle of all human and psychological needs literally means “getting on top”????

Does it ever strike a guy that there is a life beyond getting laid?? That sometimes it is OK to think about women, without thinking of how she looks naked.

Is it some sort of pressure (call it peer/beer pressure if you may) that forces them to constantly yap about ‘to be or not to be laid’?

I’m convinced that half of you yuppies who keep talking about it, aren’t even doing it.
And even if you are doing it (yes I do blv in giving ppl the benefit of the doubt) you have to keep talking about it?
Rephrase: BOAST ABOUT IT LIKE UR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT? Do you actually have more respect for a man who has done it more often than others…honestly…stop thinking like the rest of the herd…..but do you?????

Even prehistoric/tribal cultures did not have such stupid parameters for judging how much of a man a man was. All he had to do was fight a bear or something.
Even he came close to Maslow’s model – get food, kill the bear, become the tribe chief blah.

But today’s man – if he says: “I got a promotion” his male friends would probably go “”

But if he said “I got laid”

Now I am deeply concerned about the male race’s fixation for getting laid, for I cannot help but think that devolution has begun….(devolution – evolution of the backward order)
Seen that movie ‘Planet of the apes’? something like that
And where do women come into the picture???? Is our future going to consist of wapes?
Wape – the offspring of a highly evolved woman and an ape.


Dear apes currently living in the bodies of human men: Pls do not allow this to happen. Pls stop DEVOLVING. Whatever happened to good old fashioned romance?…..waiting to listen to the voice of your loved one…or see her smile, or getting a rush by just holding her hand…wining and dining..(and wining n dining can be a lot more fun if you did not spend all your time thinking of the different ways by which you would apply the kama sutra, post the wine and the din)

Move on and start exploring the higher needs of life……

But what the heck! Will you even understand?

26 Responses to “Planet of the Wapes???”

  1. anjali Says:

    i’ve come across a few men who wud fit perfectly into the category u’re discussing. In high school, there was this deluded (guess, desperate is probably a better word) classmate of mine, who claimed he’d done it!! He was soooooooo popular among the guys for a few months (this was before they discovered tht another classmate had a pet snake). He got the least marks in a biology test on reproduction!!! Stronger in practicals than theory you might say, but me thinks it was just a bunch of baloney to get some attention. Makes me thank the good lord for all the males who stray from this trodden path. Gentlemen don’t kiss and tell 😉P.S. That was one hell of an embarrasing test! I’m glad to say that that particular teacher has retired since, sparing future generations from unnecessary trauma! Hmm, you considered and article on childhood trauma?

  2. phreakv6 Says:

    feel like writing so much but no time.. this is the first thing that comes to mindafter reading the post.. 🙂<>“We are the Borg. Lower your shields andsurrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctivenessto our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”<>— Star Trek : The First Contact

  3. Trauma Queen Says:

    hmmmto boldly go where no man has gone before huh?and is laysville the only planet worthy of kaptain kirk and the his bunch of dicks? enlighten me scotty! PS- 🙂

  4. gent-who-kiss-n-tells Says:

    Well you said it yourself, “old fashioned” romance. Some experienced men say that higher, faster, and stronger are the real requirements of a gaood l(ay)ife. In fact, if they take my suggestion they should organise an event called O’lay’mpics to find DA MEN ;-)….

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The best “laid” plans of mice and men! *chuckle*! –NJ

  6. Trauma Queen Says:

    Dumb loserly non-gent: i have put up maslow’s chart, and you still have not understood what “higher, faster n stronger” really are hav ya?NJ: *chuckle* indeed!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    “A life beyond getting laid”? For many men, that would be serious superstition…probably easier for them to belive in life after death!–NJ

  8. phreakv6 Says:

    < HREF="" REL="nofollow">AYBABTU<>🙂

  9. tejasmalik Says:

    hi, wape, hmm?lol.the interesting kinds (men and women) do think beyond the physical. So, cheers to the planet of interesting folk, may it be a reality, rather than sci fi. my condolences, on the loss of your beloved companion, the cell. MAy i present flowers and a tear, i know how you feel. BUt my dear girl, you must move on, who knows there may be another just waiting to be a part of your life….till this pain becomes a faint memory, i remain , yours truly, a friend and sister of the heart.:) 🙂 bye!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    egad! femextremist!! ur right though.. us guys are like that.. even the nice ones that i know! however, there’s still hope! once they meet that right woman all else starts blurring.. (yus yus there are instances of that happening too ladies) u see what the prob is.. there arent enough of those special women around.. so i’m guessing the best bet wud be self improvement for all. what say chits? 😉-RS

  11. goofsta Says:

    in my case the order of prefernce is sex, food and beer…guess the reverse as compared to you!!!yes i do keep talkin bout sex…but thats just on the blog…n no i’m not getting any…n thats exactly what i write bout…i have no clue why i am saying this…but don’t get so judgemental…. maslow was probably just soime guy who wanted to get laid as much as any other “HUMAN” wanted to… n he just came out with thatt need hierarchy cause face it..not everyone would appreciate a theory of sexual needs…or do they…morals are are hyped a lil too much at times…so don’t get so caught up with em n just as i am saying this i have lost the train of thought n i wonder why is it n what is it that i intended to write…was it food…beer…definitely not sex…esp after reading your blog…just kidding…kekekekekekekePS. I’ve been told by a friend that you wrote that post after you read my blog…i never knew it could provoke such a …u know…ogay ogay i’ll stop

  12. Anonymous Says:

    and this is how rumours spread! goofy u dumass i said “i’ve a feeling she read ur blog…” i said that cuz ur the only guy i know who likes to talk abt getting laid ALL THE TIME! so pls stop flattering urself! 😛

  13. Trauma Queen Says:

    anonymous Inc:you’ll may be the borg…but please be decent enough to identify yourselves…i know for a fact that only my friends know abt this blog..but when their frends get to know abt it…i think i hv a right to know who they are! goofa Mcgoof: well….to be hnest…yes..ur blog was ‘one’ of the reasons that inspired this post…so u can strut around if it makes u feel so good…but it was just one of the many other millions of reasons….RS????: who are you????harry’s fan: who r u too??if u guys don’t identify urselves….i will delete them comments! and no im not a femextremist! i just spoke on behalf of an evolved gender 🙂

  14. Anonymous Says:

    hi chitsssss!!i’m RS! just wanted to see if u wud attack a stranger maroing comments on ur page.. but u didnt write anything nasty! 😦lauurogith chettanps: U ARE A FEMEXTREMIST!!ps2: yus yus goofy’s my friend too!

  15. Trauma Queen Says:

    oh btw goofsta…u wanna know about a guy who wrote about sex all the time?? read Freud’s works…Did you also know he is called the father of psychology?….lucky you!tejas!! hey…fianlly u gotta see muh blog..and me knew you would like this post…hows it goin?…me still gets rather stressed out with the new phone n all…cannot help but be all stepmotherly..but as the saying goes…time is the best healer 🙂brrrni: ayyyo baba tu u too!(sorry….had to insert a pj) outta that..but thnks for underestimating my intelligence and sending me a link to aybabtu)

  16. Trauma Queen Says:

    roghith u dumbass..roghit cheta should be RC …not RSi had a feeling it was u…cos when hv u never called me a ‘femextremist’!!!!!!!!

  17. phreakv6 Says:

    Ah, look at all the anonymous cowardsAh, look at all the anonymous cowardseleanor rigby hides under anonymity and posts crap on the blogWaits at the window, wearing the facethat (s)he keeps in a jar by the doorWho is it for? all the anonymous cowardswhere do they all come fromall the anonymous cowardswhy dont they get an account—chitty forget deleting comments..block all anonymous posts in thesettings.. that shud help.

  18. sou Says:

    hmm.. interesting post.. interestinger comments… my my.. not one guy trying to say your post paints an extreme picture.. just trying hard to justify why it’s so..

  19. phreakv6 Says:

    its not so tuff 2 fig cud prolly b cuz no one wants 2 throwa stone into a puddle of mud wen they arestanding near it.. lol..

  20. Trauma Queen Says:

    hmmmmi thought i would stir a hornet’s nest..instead i just got a bunch of kids asking for more candy 🙂(kidding!)yupp sou, i too thought there would be some soul who would vehemantly defend the apes. but no..u just had em justifying why things are the way they are. but I guess that’s ok..and’s like how when stupid people admit they are stupid, its kinda sweet ne?😛anonymous: i hv a feeling i know u…but as my friend tej once said “anonymous comments are like blank calls”, and blank calls are always ignored. (unless ur hemalatha..this weird chick who used to live in my hostel)phreak: fully nice poem da! never knew geeks were so creative 🙂

  21. Trauma Queen Says:

    sorryno name…no comments required!

  22. insomnia Says:

    aha! been there done that, i mean as a girl, picking muh grey cells on the topic ‘what is it with men and sex?’ and honestly if u observed the path of evolution the male half of the homosapiens have actually done well for themselves,atleast they dont get killed by a ‘black widow spider’ but u see its perfectly understandable as to their own creation and basic purpose/existence and undeniably a GENETIC expression, to get laid as long as they dont drop dead from exhaustion. my dear girls, dont lose hope , men do eventually go a step higher in the maslow’s hierarchy once they have found a woman who can pull them up the ladder. i am very hopeful of nature’s course in its urge to evolve higher and we shall leave it to time, shall we? 😉

  23. Orion Says:

    ha ha ha! was it cool or what. thanx for making my day

  24. Uday Says:

    This will prolly be one of those few topics where I disagree with you. I havnt read the comments yet, so I dont know if you diluted your stand. I am not denying that men like the kinds you described exist, but certainly, for sure, 100% sure, not ALL are like that. Infact majority are sane. But then sane is a relative word. So lemme rphrase that: Majority donot live for food, beer or sex.I am also not denying that sex is an important part of a relationship and neither am I saying that men seem to give it more imp than women. But science seems to say that we men are wired differently, Hence…What I am objecting to, though, is the blanket assumption extending to all men.Would like to know though what “provoked” this post?

  25. Uday Says:

    Aaaaarghhh!!! Read the comments and feel stoopid! Didnt realise you were jst trying to “stir a hornet’s nest” and i fell straight for it 😦Wanted to delete my comment but since, the wiseass I am, I didnt post under my user, I cant….Well, so be it. Let the world know of my stupidity… :sigh:

  26. G. Siva Shankar Says:

    <> get food, kill the bear, become the tribe chief blah.<>was ROFL on this one…only now did I notice..this was posted way back in 2005…don’t think I even heard of Maslow during those days…ah ! To be young and innocent…

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