Swing and dance

Can’t sing in the rain so decided to dance at home instead.

Enjoying some reaaal good swing on ‘The Hop’ (Worldspace)

This blogpost is going to document each thought process as it happens

So uhm…why is it called the hop? has Hip-hop got something to do with it?

Lindy Hop is the origin of Swing….Jitterbug also gets it roots from there.
That song ‘Wake me up before u go go’ by George Michael shows some Jitterbug
“Jitterbug” is in fact the first word uttered when the song commences.
(can’t get over his ultra short shorts though! they’re so….girly!)

Swing is almost synonymous with jazz (we’re talking The Great Gatsby, Take the A train etc)

Jitterbug, in fact, accompanies rock n roll.

Jive is supposedly just a universal name for swingy dance forms.
(remember oooold archie comics….where they show the gang wearing anda kaalam clothes doing the jitterbug/jive?)

I still can’t get over George Michael’s short shorts…..

and look at this strange connection:
“One evening in 1927, following Lindbergh’s flight to Paris, a local dance enthusiast named “Shorty George” Snowden was watching some of the dancing couples. A newspaper reporter asked him what dance they were doing, and it just so happened that there was a newspaper with an article about Lindbergh’s flight sitting on the bench next to them. The title of the article read, “Lindy Hops The Atlantic,” and George just sort of read that and said, “Lindy Hop” and the name stuck.”

More very interesting trivia:

1. ‘Jazz’ has its roots in brothels (post WW1). It used to be the slang word for intercourse.

2. John Travolta’s oh-so-famous ‘Saturday Night Fever’ move is called the Hustle. Disco dancing is nothing but the hustle.
(anyone seen Kung-Fu hustle? cute movie)
(Bappi Da is channel [v]’s artist of the month…hehehe)

3. Hip-hop is not a dance form!!!! It is a meta culture that includes rap, the gangsta attitude, loose jeans, graffiti art (yes!) break dancing etc. Hip-hop as a culture was all about rebellion – against racism and poverty. The loose jeans happened cos ‘offendors’ had to get rid of their belts when in prison.
It’s sad that in recent times hip-hop has gotten reduced to ghettorific pimpdom. Hip-hop has also done its bit to contribute neollogisms to the English vocab. (Try and find two words, very unique to hip-hop, used here)

4. Almost every form of modern western music, has its roots in African culture. Even Country!

5. While one may associate Europe with classical western music and the Beatles, (well, I do!) the only music playing there today is electronica.
Come to think of it, Bach and all those pipe organs sound very electronic!
(ross geller…hehhhee)

6. my fave jazz song (as of now) is ‘Take Five’. If anyone has the vocal version of it, pls send it to me 🙂

8 Responses to “Swing and dance”

  1. Rohan D'souza Says:

    You talking about the <>David Burbeck<> one? I got a 10 mb file … hmm..

  2. Trauma Queen Says:

    send send send!!!!

  3. goofsta Says:

    waaat bout rock???something quirky bout that too???

  4. Anonymous Says:

    <>the vocal version<>is by Al Jarreau. It’s quite fantastic. It was written as an instrumental, I believe Al added the words much later.

  5. Trauma Queen Says:

    nice snipppet on al..thnx! where can i get it from?rock…all i know is that ‘rock n roll’ later became plain ol rock….they decided to do away with the rollheheheh

  6. Rohan D'souza Says:

    been long no posts?

  7. Trauma Queen Says:

    until u send me the dave brubeck song – there aint gonna be no postBHE!* ‘bhe’ is this sound i make when im bugged…rhymes with kae

  8. phreakv6 Says:

    “George Michael’s short shorts”.. and thats where i quit reading thepost..

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