Planet of the Wapes – part 2

This blogging has mighty powers!!!

I never knew about its reach and its effect till I started blogging.

Looks like my article on wapes (link) has created a worldwide interest in wapedom!
They took my backward devolution theory so seriously they went back in time and created an organization on wapes!

Read on: WAPES website

A sneak peak:
What is the purpose of WAPES?

The main purposes are to
– encourage contacts between the various member bodies (oookaay!!!!)
– promote exchange of experiences and information of the activities of the members (activities??? hmmm)
– encourage co-operation between members, especially between the more developed bodies and the less developed ones
(hahaha..that one really got me cracking!!!)

Yenjay madi folks! (spoons and knaves 🙂



One Response to “Planet of the Wapes – part 2”

  1. Rohan D'souza Says:

    Hehehe … this is way too funny.. Include the link to the earlier ‘Wapes’ blog.

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