Proactive or prehistoric? U decide…..

wanna hear a funny story?

JNU now has this new vending machine in thier ‘health centre’ that vends out choclates, chips, soft drinks…and along side all that – condoms!!!

im happy to know that educational institutes are getting so proactive – better to preach safety than morality

but the story does not end here….it gets ironic

the students of JNU (most of them) are actually ‘scared’ and apprehensive of beeing seen near the vending machine…..cos as the typical thought goes “I don’t want ppl to think I was here for the condoms”

It’s sad na???? On the one hand, u have the establishment trying to be proactive…and on the other hand….ppl’s mentalities will never change…even in places like JNU which is supposed to be a fwd thinking establishment…..

and u know what the funniest thing is??? this ‘vending machine’ is actually manned by a guy…..cos its new and all…

so much for automation 🙂

and I feel bad for all those potato chips that are getting stale…..

14 Responses to “Proactive or prehistoric? U decide…..”

  1. phreakv6 Says:

    I have a feeling that chocolates and chipswere an afterthought for getting peoplenear the machine.:-)

  2. Orion Says:

    Compare this to Tamil Nadu and it will seem much better! Can u believe it that girls and boys are “punished” for talking and talking abt pre-marital sex is such a big deal!! I think the ppor muslims are victimized for being “conservative”. Their othe cousins (Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists etc.) are not too ar behind…

  3. Trauma Queen Says:

    yes..the TN situation is UNBELIEVABLEit depresses me…..a LOTbut chennai always had this hollow conservatism surrounding its culture…which (i thought) was beginning to change in the mid 90’s…[ppl find it hard to blv me when i talk about the cool crowd one does (or rather did) get to see in uptown chennai]but were talking about new delhi… a city that does not suffer from any sort of a moral policing…more than that about jnu…a respectable and established institute…but i guess this story is a classic case of how people choose get stuck in the rut btwn conservatism and modernism. It seems to be a situtaion that is self-created.

  4. sou Says:

    yaaaaaa these are the kinda posts you should make ur signature.. They are truly trauma.. funny and yet NOT…As always .. the women are left to deal with any trauma.. just coz guys don’t have ba**s enuf to go get protection.. girls surreptitiously visit Marie Stopes (hopefully) or some butcher.. Atleast the girls should insist .. guess even in a city like Delhi (a city that does not suffer from any sort of a moral policing) sex education is sadly non existent.

  5. Trauma Queen Says:

    hey sou…i think things r chaging..specially with aids and alleven if the person is just another horny loser, aids awareness inevitably results in some sort of sex ed….which is perhaps why we now have the revival of the condom vending machine(yes..i say ‘revival’ cosmany ppl do not know that this initiative began in the mid 90’s…in rural parts as well..but it was quite a failure cos most ppl had no clue what it was all about…i mean were talking of an abyss of ignorance)u know a really depressing thought – i was seeing that movie ‘chocolate’ and there is this scene where emraan chucks the condom out saying “naaah not for me” and i embarassed my frend by almost screaming out “but what about safety???!!”it shocked me to think that the media, whose DUTY it is to be socially responsible..dared to show something like this…but i also wondered whether it was intentionally done – to show the difference between ‘what should be’ and ‘what is’

  6. Rohan D'souza Says:

    Generally Indian’s like to treat Sex as a very personal and private thing. Unlike most of our western counterparts we are not so open in accepting a lot of things. Its just culture nothing to do with boldness. It would be better if these guys place it in the loo’s (both gender) where people would be a lot more comfortable dispensing it.

  7. goofsta Says:

    there must be some ppl who probably just dont want to waste money on buying something they’ll never get to use…i said some ppl…not me…some ppl

  8. Trauma Queen Says:

    hehhe..perhaps…another frend suggested that some ppl may not like the ‘quality’ of stuff u get in vending machines, and thus prefer to shop elsewhere.but my post was not about the products or the vending machine as much as it was about the fear of not wanting to go near it…even for a packet of potato chips 🙂

  9. Nilesh Jahagirdar Says:

    Well, I’ve always thought that it would be more appropriate to call health centres in university campuses health complexes. This goes for the campus that we have in common, don’t you think, tvnmcb?Been missing for some time, I know. But I’m glad to be back!

  10. goofsta Says:

    seems like you’re hibernating…the winters have set in!!!!

  11. Trauma Queen Says:

    hey NJ!!nice to hav ya back….how have u been.will be mailing more posts – i was out of station n all….

  12. zzz Says:

    Sigh! Tne (in)famous JNU condo-chip machine! I think it’s a GREAT step forward.The mews made me very happy.:) It won’t be long before it’ll be an ultra cool thing in JNU to be seen around the machine, you know….:)

  13. KS Says:

    I wanted to clear the air abt certain issues….. 1. the machine exsists coz the students’n’the admin put it there….’n’not just the admin ppl….the health centre even has a a gyan-givin gynacaelogist these days and this is purely a JNU students’ intiative.2. even in a place like JNU things take a while to get movin coz most of the ppl r not from urban areas (not to say tht urbanites r better informed or bolder…..relatively, 1 wud assume tht they’d have lesser hang-ups abt latex-related topics)and are from traditional,rural and backward areas…..where such things arent practised out in the open. 3. as it is a trend, be it in TN or in the badlands of the indo-gangetic plains……prudent ideas take a while to settle in due to this veil of ignorance thats been pulled in front of ppl’s eyes. (even today, educated ppl – urban or rural- still subscribe to this age-old dogma that masturbation is wrong. It has been proved otherwise, and there is nothin immoral nor is it harmful 4 health). 4. i dont believe prevention’n’care during sex is associated to modernism coz a glance at any medical treatise abt medicine and ayurveda or any other form of indian medicine like unani or tribal medicine shows tht prevention and care during intercourse was prevelant even before some white dude put a balloon on his D**K’n’hit upon a idea and patented it! of course, u can accuse it of being heacily patriachal, & thts understandable coz mostly men wrote these treatise.5. AND, we went by it and stood there and didnt u feel a bit weird urself tht time… even well-informed persons might be a bit uncomfy, even for a bit, before they get over it. u can imagine the plight and queasiness of the rest6. If ur post all along was abt chips goin stale, then my dear, i’ve wasted awhole lotta time havin an ‘unprotected’ intellectual orgasm!

  14. Trauma Queen Says:

    yo KS yogi dude!firstly, secondlya and seventhly…yeah i finally saw the machine and was mighty impressed..and what made u think i felt ‘quesy’how different r u from the categories you have so boldly ‘generalised’?i was amused cos i kept wondering if these vending machines sell stuff in packets or as ‘loose items’(hey cmon! must ppl buy packets if they want loose items? vending machine commercialism..dont u think??)and i left the place cos i was feeling cold and wnated to go to the shop com….also…it wasn’t the whites who came up with the idea of baloons…it was the egyptians..perhaps it was made of papyrus..who knows.. so much for ur love of generalising..and ur lack of a real intellectual orgasm!that apart…i appreciate ur comments..tho i think ur this dumbass..u always make sense 😉

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