The Cunning Linguist

The Cunning linguist ventured into the dark forest…

“If I cannot brandish my sword, there is always my tongue.”

6 Responses to “The Cunning Linguist”

  1. phreakv6 Says:

    pun unintended by the cunning lunguist?

  2. KS Says:

    hey smartalec! without grossin u out, i wonder why ur all of a sudden so interested in cunning linguists 😀am half-expectin a comment/post on the linguist’s trusty sidekick – the fella!

  3. sou Says:

    *gasp* *grin**wider grin**hehheheehehehehehheheheeeeeee*

  4. Nilesh Says:

    Time for a new post, don’t you think?

  5. kim Says:

    the devil is supposed to have a forked tongue perhaps that would actually be helpful😉

  6. Él Que Percibe Todos Says:

    Your Cunning Linguist would be raunchier if he were Italian…“Se non posso brandish la mia spada, ci è sempre la mia linguetta.”

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