My my my my my my my MY Winona!

Listening to ‘My Sharona’ and typing in my associative thoughts….

Reality bites
2 guys and one really hot girl

what would u do if you could end the movie?

a) We stick to the original ending, where she lands up with Ethan, just cos Ben conveniently spoils her tape and loses her trust.

b) Ben Stiller does not spoil her tape, which leaves him as the only ‘nice succesful guy’ left for her to choose.

c) Enter Jennifer Aniston, and Winona realises Jenny is way better than Ethan and Ben. (I would have liked to put me instead of Jenny, but hey, where’s me and where’s Jenny?!)

d) I’m the director of this movie so I express my undying love for Winona and she murders Ethan, Ben and Jenny for me and we both live happily ever after πŸ™‚

e) Winona is fed up with the unecessary attention she’s getting and kills herself. I can’t live without my Winona and I kill myself. You guys are spared of my trauma posts.


methinks option e will win…..

Oh Winona! (blinkety batty eyes, throbbing heart!!!!)

and no, there is no option ‘f’ where Winona resurrects from the dead (ala R&J) and runs into the sunset with you πŸ˜›

12 Responses to “My my my my my my my MY Winona!”

  1. phreakv6 Says:

    ok.. none of these options are indian enough..we gotta have an item number withmallika sherawat.some shopliftingby winona that shez so good at.sometam porikki payya style fight between ben and ethan over winona’sshoplifting.enter jenny now who instantly falls in love with ben.climax it with the marriage of benand jenny and ofcourse winona andethan as the loser keep the rest.but the real twist here is thatwinona and jenny realise the doubts about their sexuality being true.and so they both run together leaving poor ben and ethan.censorboard will have a gala time withMS item number,the climax questioning indian cultures and hence everybody would be in the where does chitty figure in thescheme of things ?chitty would be the shop owner ofthe shop that gets shoplifted.:p

  2. Rohan D'souza Says:

    well ahmm… What about banning Lovie doovie movies forever!Spare the poor brain cells.

  3. ks Says:

    hey….winona blog huh! were there any metaphorical or literal connotation attached?u’ve given 2much imp 2 all the options, includin the cleverly interjected cameo 4urself….BigB seems nice enough and ethn was never nice to strt with and jenny jus broke up with brad so she’s on zhe rebound and u know how tht works…maybe u gotta focus on jolie and brad and break em up!tht way u’d be doin a wicked favour 4 jenny and brad wud be happy bein wit any hot woman as long as he has 1 and jolie and u can ahve ur own thing goin like she did in gia! all these acts of benevolence will probably get pre-acquitted and pre-approved for all the future crimes u commit (like shop liftin louis vuitton shoes or somethin)

  4. Trauma Queen Says:

    yaabbbbbbbbbbbbbaaai asked u IDIOTS to choose an option, not change the script!!!OOF

  5. goofsta Says:

    how do u come up with such stuff…anyway i personally wanna see option d….cause it basically involves two hot women going at it…oh man did i get lost for a moment in my imagination…where was i again….

  6. Trauma Queen Says:

    did u mean option ‘c’?hmm..looks like people don’t want to be spared of my trauma blogposts :)))

  7. Ajishnu Says:

    hey! wat abt option g… winona recast as a laptop and we stay happily ever after, giving a technology twist to luw and aall!Option e is totally boring…we’d all die of boredom without the chitty rantings, na?

  8. Hyperbole Says:

    Is this the wise man I know from hell? Where have you been?

  9. goofsta Says:

    uff…even wen i call a woman hot she wouldn’t believe me….it was diff wen i told them that i wanted to sleep with them cause i loved em….but c’mon….this is sooo different!!!

  10. phreakv6 Says:

    My my my my my my my MY trauma!by “The Knock”:p

  11. sou Says:

    okay okay….I know you won’t post nething new till I comment on this one. So now that I have will you please post sth new? I hate waiting!😐wanna mora postsa

  12. Rohan D'souza Says:

    Yenta-ma-ni, No trauma only?

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