quiz time!

You’re An Angry Drunk

Ever wake up with sore knuckles and a black eye? Thought so.
You’re A Crazy Drunk

When you drink, you get wrecked – and it ain’t pretty.
You’re A Passed Out Drunk

Drinking gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, until you’re thrown in the back of a police car…

9 Responses to “quiz time!”

  1. Udeesha Says:

    Cho chweet!Wat a cute post!If I ever got drunk, will come back right here to fill in the details.Till then,Cheers!Udeesha.

  2. Trauma Queen Says:

    hehe yeahthere’s a hyperlink at the end that takes u to a cute quizu can try it..even u dont drinku’ll get an idea of what kind of a drunk you are likely to be 😉cheers! (hic)chitty 🙂

  3. Udeesha Says:

    Hey I loved the link!! Have added it to my favourites. Hehe!Thanks a ton!

  4. Rohan D'souza Says:

    Me is all time drunk!

  5. Anjali Says:

    Hmm, just noticed that “Sober” can be twisted to “Bores” UMMMUAHAHAHAHAHA (for you comic-strip challenged ppl that’s an evil laugh). Ummm, does rum in cake count as “drinking”? I’m guessing not 🙂

  6. nilesh Says:

    Took the quiz, and this is what I got:“When you drink, you get wrecked – and it ain’t pretty.”😀NJ

  7. Trauma Queen Says:

    yay nilesh!that means ur a crazy drunk :)))join the club 🙂yes anj, rum in cake or chocolates; alcohol in medicines etc etc come under the scope of ‘drinking’heheheso do the test for timepass if nothing else….

  8. Trauma Queen Says:

    anjno comically challenged or stripped ppl on my blog!(yeah pj i know)cos if they aint comics, they will never understand anything i say 😉

  9. sou Says:

    hmm.. crazy drunks… WV Code: “ezsulyws” = how we will speak when we are crazily drunk.. hmm.. i think a drunk is forced to type tough medical terms and thats how all the WV codes are formed hahaaa….

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