“Alive…..woaaah I’m still alive”

To all my blogfans – this is to let ya all know that my baby is back! My blog is alive n kicking!

and all them detractors who attempted to fun-eralise it FAILED miserably!!

Guess there was some publishing index trauma, (or so they want me to think..grrr)
which is why you were seeing a dead, faceless, expressionless,
Bartleby-esque webpage instead of my pretty blog for the past few days

But whatever the reason….this blog is back in action
and I’m breathing.

Total Trauma has been entertaining its readers since Aug 16, 2005

Long live the trauma!

6 Responses to “Alive!”

  1. nilesh Says:

    So its still working! Yay! Wasn’t able to connect to your blog for a couple of days. Thought Firefox was up to something.

  2. Udeesha Says:

    Phew!! Thank Heavens! Gee, it’s soo nice to have you back! Reallly missed your blog! Now that was serious TRAUMA!

  3. Rohan D'souza Says:

    ‘Drauma’ it was and it lasted its fine course.

  4. Jasmeen Says:

    hi!got your mail..THANKYOU!we are meeting pretty soon…looking forward to our meeting..hope you can make itsee you!

  5. sou Says:

    write something woman so we know ur alive….

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! In celebration, I call upon the notes Buddy “banana doing the yayyy” icon….. You know the more I think I of it, the more I agree with you and Udee that it is SOOO much like Abhijeet.Looking forward to more trauma…Anj

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