The One

V days is round the corner and mush is in the air…

Often I hear people in love talking about ‘the one’….
“ooh I met this person….and I know for sure that s/he’s ‘the one’

While most people are curious to know ‘who’ the one is, I’d like to know
“What is the one?”

If A thinks B is the one, is it natural that B must think A is ‘the one’?
What if A thinks B is the one, but B thinks C is the one?

What if I think B is the one, but realize fifteen years from now that B was never the one…

What if A,B,C,D and E think F is the one? Wouldn’t F be more of a 1/5th than ‘the one’?

What if ‘the one’ for me is a sushi eating Japanese? or an eskimo? What are the odds of my meeting him/her?

Is there really ‘the one’? What if there is a two, a three..or even a seven?!

Is Jet Li ‘The One’???? 😉

19 Responses to “The One”

  1. Ashish Says:

    ofcourse! and to take your (faaltu) point a little further.. what is the guarantee that we wont find another “the one” if we already have one “the one”? and if we get another “the one”, what would we do with the previous “the one”?just imagine what trauma would it be if the quest becomes: “can he/she ALSO be another “the one”?

  2. Trauma Queen Says:

    TQ: I was just readin ur comment tu my faaltu post
    ashish:actually this is similar to the point for which I used to have a fight with my frenz in college
    TQ: i guess most ppl have thought about this….
    ashish: how about “the any one”
    TQ: good ‘one’
    ashish: “one” derful

  3. sou Says:

    heehee.. sorry din know how to link the damn thing< HREF="" REL="nofollow">another<> on the same lines…

  4. autogato Says:

    If A thinks B is the one, but B thinks C is the one, then someone will get his/her feelings very much hurt.If you think that B is the one, but realize 15 years later that B isn’t the one, then I’ll probably end up making some money, because maybe by then I’ll actually be finished with school and be doing therapy for more than $10/ session.Love’s all such a gamble – a very giant gamble, wouldn’t you say? But life without risk can be rather dull. Those risks push us to change.I thought I had the one about this time last year. I ended up being horribly wrong and it was quite painful. But I’m such a better person now for it!Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way. I have enjoyed yours. Please feel free to visit any time~!

  5. Udeesha Says:

    I just hope there is only “one” and when “that one” comes along, may God give me the faith and ability to keep it going forever. I don’t want to go through a million heartbreaks to discover “who is the one?”

  6. frissko Says:

    “Is Jet Li ‘The One’???? ;)”:)..thats a good one…

  7. goofsta Says:

    nice…so what are you buyng for jet li?

  8. phreakv6 Says:

    >> Wouldn’t F be more of a 1/5th than ‘the one’?wow u know fractions..

  9. TheWiseManFromHell Says:

    hmmm…romantic n mush trauma is the most traumatizing…it IS a short life, when you compare the average lifespan of the normal human against the age of the universe… so thinking about ‘the one’ (worse, praying for ‘the one’) is a traumatic waste of time…no number except zero is absolute, so… the one can, and should be, relative… (at this point imagine what havoc a misplaced article can do to this statement of mine…:-)))…and Jet Li being the one…he was, for an hour and a half at least…

  10. Trauma Queen Says:

    no no,,, jet-li IS the onehehheif i cant get me a sushi eating japanese, have to contend with a kung-fu fighting chinese 🙂relative or notheheheheheheheheheehmmm….that makes me think of girls who make strangers their raakhi bhaiyyas ;PPssT: phreakv0.0006-I can decimalate numbers too!!!

  11. ashu Says:

    I like this “one”heheehehe…and i wish Jet Li was not one..but two..“one” for u and “one” for me…so he still remains “one” and not 1/2..

  12. Trauma Queen Says:

    ashu…ur ‘two’ funny! hehehehbut maybe, as u suggest, they will make a part two of ‘the one’ and call it ‘the two’then we wil have “jet li as…the two”hehehehehehheheheheheno wonder this blog is so traumatic 😛

  13. Rohan D'souza Says:

    hmm.. What if the perfect one did come and you choose somebody else. Isn’t it more about Choice then perfection. Note: I dont like perfection it makes a lot of lovely things redundant.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    The problem with the world and love is people give their hearts and body to the potential ONE way before they should. I wonder if there are guidelines given to mankind we refuse to follow?

  15. autogato Says:

    Did you find the one on the mush-day???I didn’t. At least, not that I know of.

  16. autogato Says:

    Mmm. If Jet Li were the one, I’d be jealous. He’s so hot.Any luck on figuring out this business on the one yet? Please let me know when you do. I would like to know for myself!!

  17. autogato Says:

    Oh my, did you find the one yet? If you find the one, and there’s an extra “one,” toss it my way.

  18. woorkeri wittynathan Says:

    1. 42 is "the one" (the answer to all qossins that is)2. Keanu Reaves is "the one"Wait, that makes two of them!Oh well, that just proves my theory – That there's generally a subset of people that fit the >80% compatibility meter for anyone. As the % factor increases, the size of the subset decreases. But, does a condition exist where the size of the set is just 1? I think not… At a certain %, there's a certain # that remains in the set. (Yes, I do like mathematics.)(But then, I am a South Indian. So, I can't help it.)

  19. ąŝħĭŝħ Says:

    hihiihihi… whatte whatte fun 🙂really brudder.. we were better off those days yaar 😦right now my situation is any’one’ but atleast ‘one’ 😛

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