No more tvnmcb
From now on, I am the Trauma Queen

8 Responses to “Nomenclature”

  1. chamki Says:

    i know its a bit too late to askbut what was tvnmcb anyway?

  2. phreakv6 Says:

    nee drama queen

  3. Trauma Queen Says:

    chamki: tvnmcb = the very naughty miss cb.long story that has kinda been explained in the post < HREF="" REL="nofollow">when the mammaries come flooding back<>see under ‘sm-isms’phreak:needa pythyakaaran 😛and i blv that is one among the ten tam gaalis i now 😛

  4. Rohan D'souza Says:

    TVN has some kind of a mistique around it. Think twice before shifting the brand name :).

  5. chamki Says:

    sorry me still not gets why TVMCB…by the way me lit student too!!

  6. riviresa Says:

    well..i am not blaming all the families out there….the point which comes into question is why are teenagers feeling so depsparate for partners these days…….what causes them to be that way…i agree to the fact that relegious families do have kids who are on the wrong track…but that again is another extent…..anythin too much causes bad…

  7. autogato Says:

    how do you like having changed your name? I changed over to autogato, my user name, for my postings. But I kind of miss my real name, s.b., being attached to my postings.Hmm…..

  8. Udeesha Says:

    Trauma Queen is just the purrfect title for you honey! I’m glad you changed from the annoying tvn whatever.

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