Winds of change

What do you do if you were in a room full of people, and you badly needed to fart?

Would you
a) rush to a restroom and let it out
b) let it out is slowly so that it does not sound (but it can smell!)
c) dont give a damn cos farting is as natural as sneezing
d) let it out and immediately say “ewwwwie..someone here farted a bad fart!”
e) let it out and deal with the dirty glares, scrunched up faces, and being nicknamed ‘gasbag’ or ‘smelly cat’

10 Responses to “Winds of change”

  1. George Says:

    Don’t give a damn! By the way, thanks for writing to my blog. I posted a new question perhaps you can help me with. george

  2. sou Says:

    c) and e) … heehe nice title.Had a great time this weekend.. still high on it.

  3. Tweety Says:

    Ha ha ha…Nice post…neat title!

  4. autogato Says:

    I made a bet with an acquitaince over people’s opinion on Red Stripe beer. Please visit my blog and leave a comment on the Red Stripe posting. Puh-lease!Okay. This is corny, I know. It’s silly to solicit traffic. But when you’ve got a bet at stake….Oh, as as far as the farting goes, it depends on who the room full of people is. If it’s my friends, I’d let it rip. We get into farting/burping contests. Be proud of your gas!!!

  5. autogato Says:

    Swell title, too.

  6. Rohan D'souza Says:

    Was wondering. What if farting was contagious like laughter.What if farting was considered a show of respect in some wierd country you visited.

  7. Rider in the storm Says:

    wake up to the magic of the farty times….tra la la la la

  8. Ajay Says:

    Hey Trauma Queen… Thanks for stopping by my post about such a trivial and ignored… but indeed an important issue. I’m delighted to see some one thinking the other way… In my case one was frightened from the other’s fart (or even from the intentions) and here you go scaring others from one’s own farting capabilities. infact the issue needs to addressed both ways for your problem I wud suggest …under the circumference of decency and courtesy just ask gentle apologies before you blast out loud, but of course it’s a nice idea to hiss it out gradually if u cant control the real salvation of the wind.

  9. autogato Says:

    Depends on the group of people. If it were a room of my friends, I’d fart away. If it were strangers, I’d likely excuse myself.

  10. 2010 in review « Total Trauma Says:

    […] The busiest day of the year was February 17th with 33 views. The most popular post that day was Winds of change. […]

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