I am….

I am a woman

“no ur not…ur justa girl”
“ur a girl..behave like one”
“gosh u look like a boy”

I have a face

“ur so cute”
“colgate smile”
“ewww..metal mouth!”
“nice nose”
“u have a funny nose”
“your skull has a weird shape”
“nice thick hair”
“madam your hair needs to be smoothened. You could also try L’Oreal’s latest hair colour”

I have a body

“hey miss matchstick”
“nice ass”
“did he say ‘nice ass’ to you…hahaha…where is it..show me!!!”
“he grabbed your ass???? On the streets! Wtf!”
“girl…men wont give a damn unless you have big boobs!”
“snigger snigger..so are u anorexic?..snigger snigger”
“wow..you look like a french model!”

I wear clothes

“ur skinny, u can pull anything off.”
“please don’t ever wear a sari till you put on some weight!”
“oh my god..that cb bitch…what kinda clothes does she wear?”
“wow…nice clothes!”
“if u wear t-shirts like that..you will attract unwanted attention. So stop making a big deal about harassment in the workplace”
“u look so sweet in shorts..wish I had the guts to wear them!”
“what, you left your dupatta at home?”

I hate dupattas…they are potential killers

“yeah u say that cos u aint graceful enuff to carry it off”
“they are lajja vastras..don’t you know??”

I hate duppattas even more….


I believe in God

“U cannot go to the temple if you have your periods”
“Navarathri is a celebration of shakti…of the ardhanareshwari”
“how can they emulate Krishna..such a flirt!”
“that they made Sita do an agneepareeksha..”
“Sita needed the lakshman Rekha to stay within her limits”

God has created me – a beautiful wonderful woman

“hey ugly”
“she called you ugly? Don’t feel bad…have u not heard the story of the ugly duckling?”
“hey beautiful”
“pretty boy!”
“you are beautiful…and I love you”

“hi sexy”
“I used to think ur pretty, now I only see you as someone really smart.”

“happy puppy”

I am….what I am…
As for what you say, I really don’t give a damn!

I am me, constant self
I am me, ever changing self.

This article was composed for the blank noise blogathon, but please note that only certain parts of it deal with harassment. It’s more about being a woman, reflecting on womanhood, the good times, the bad times, the uncomfortable times, the soft, the sweet, the rough…. but more importantly, it’s a celebration of womanhood, to take in the smirks and the smiles, the punches and the caresses, the colours and contrasts, and continue to love every single moment of being a woman.

Happy Women’s Day!

17 Responses to “I am….”

  1. Sukumar Says:

    Well written chits .. you almost gave Eminem a run for his money .. almost 🙂 .. dupatta’s 🙂 .. someone is going to die laughing watching you manage those lajja vastras 🙂

  2. phreakv6 Says:

    “badrakaali”u forgot that..u shudave put the last para in the starting of the post…it sounded like a rant and cribbing abt being a woman till i read that.W day shud b a celebration without cribbing.

  3. sou Says:

    Wow… awesome post c! I did have major protective older sis syndrome when I read some of the negative comments. You just lemme know whose face my fist has to sock ok? 🙂

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Truly said Trauma Queen..Life is about all this…the black and the white, the sad and the happy, the despair and the hope! And we live all these myriad colours!waise…who told you about lajjavastras…lolEnjoy maadi! 😀..M..

  5. Trauma Queen Says:

    no no nothis is NOT meant to be a negative post!stupid phreakv6 is just vomitting what i told him over chat…its about the contrasts in a womans life…how on person thinks ur ugly..the next person thinks ur not and so onbut yu…as a person..never change…only people’s perceptions do….womens issues will always be there….problems will exist..ut perceptions can always change for the better 🙂

  6. Udeesha Says:

    Well done Chits! Trust you to write such a power-packed women-backed post on this day!

  7. Rohan D'souza Says:

    The Women’s day is over now its 365 days of MEN BLISS!

  8. Trauma Queen Says:

    rohan – yours is just the kind of comment that u either make cos u wanna sound MCP-ish for timepass…or ur jealous cos u dont have a men’s dayI’m all in favor of a men’s day..or better still “nice guy day”

  9. ks Says:

    hey…..read ur post….very impressive thoughts indeed….the clarion call of feminism was that “the personal is political.” But, Stereo-casting of identities & roles are the cardinal rules of zhis Kaliyug U’n’i inhabit and the fragmentation of Ids along different lines like gender,caste,creed,religion has led to the blocking of our minds and whats worse…..our heart’n’soul!i wudn’t call u a feminist (in the classical sense of the word) coz u dont see everythin thro the prism o ur gender but instead as YOU….a caring, sensitive and smart human being and I am glad to see that coz thts the only way to happines and the only way we (all of mankind included!)can put down this menace of harassment….

  10. Nizerian Monkey on the Dream Mountain Says:

    That was really, really, really beautiful. I think you must publish it??????? :):):):):):):):):) And I ALSO think the “nice guy day” was a great one!!! I like TOTALLY second the idea!!:):):) And an official congratulations to you for your new name, and for getting rid of, literally, tvnmcb– I am very proud of you!:)

  11. autogato Says:

    Thank you for the message of empowerment!

  12. autogato Says:

    I found your interesting question on my blog! I must say, I enjoyed answering it!

  13. autogato Says:

    “I am me, ever changing self.”That is so beautiful. It is such a wonderful reminder that we have the power to craft who we are – who we want to be in this world. While we are acted upon by external forces, they do not completely dictate our existences. Yes, it is true that we cannot completely divorce ourselves from the social/political/familial factors that shape our worlds and our lives, but we are not complete slaves to those factors. We can construct an idea of who we want ourselves to be. We can take authorship of our own lives – we can, to an extent, largely write our own stories. We can make sense of the senseless, we can empower ourselves.Thank you again for making this posting. It is incredible and wonderful. Many American women, unfortunately, seem to have taken for granted the many wonderful rights that they have. They have let feminism slide, and that is unfortunate. Thank you for reminding me of the wonderfulness and the gift of being a woman.

  14. Anjali Says:

    great post girl!!! one of ur best, methinks 🙂 i have had most of these comments come my way and i was putting faces on them when i was reading ur post…keep ’em coming girlio! encore!!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    i think you’ve got a mythological fact wrong.. Lakshman Rekha was not to limit Sita, rather it was to limit others and to protect her from external dangers (majorly wild animals). She was allowed to cross it at her disposal but nobody could cross it to reach her. – Ashish

  16. Jasmeen Says:

    loved the post! the fact that it goes all over the place and is not about ‘isolated eve teasing’

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks TQ, enjoyed reading your writings!

    Anaraa from Mongolia.

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