W Day Special

Hey guys,

This is about a blogathon being organised by the Blank Noise Project, an initiative I am currently involved in. The Blank Noise Project is a campaign (active in Bangalore, mobilizing slowly in Mumbai and Delhi) that is trying to fight against eve-teasing. For more information, please click on the blog link ‘What Women Want’.

The Blogathon:

To recognize Women’s Day, we’re organizing a blogathon for Tuesday, the 7th of March. Blank Noise is asking other bloggers to post about their experiences of sexual harassment – as a victim, perpetrator or bystander – at work, at home or in the public sphere. On International Women’s Day, which is March 8th, it would be exciting to see the theme of harassment become audible on the Indian blogosphere. If just you guys got on board, I think it would spread like wildfire.

If you want to participate, email blurtblanknoise@gmail.com to let us know – then on March 7th, we’ll link to all the participating bloggers from the Blank Noise homepage, and hopefully it will be an archive that will help us understand and stay angry about harassment. For the time being, it would be great if participants posted on their blogs in anticipation, to spread the word. Spread the word in other ways, too.

BNP’s target audience isn’t really the blogging community, but the Mumbai and Delhi arm of the campaign is a young one and this will be a encouraging step, whether effective or just symbolic, towards interventions closer to the street.

Do participate…whether you’re a guy or a girl

2 Responses to “W Day Special”

  1. autogato Says:

    I passed along the BNP page to some friends around here. I”ve been meaning to tell you that. It got good response from my feminist friends. We’re all fired up and happy for you all for the movement!

  2. I am…. « Total Trauma Says:

    […] a damn! I am me, constant self I am me, ever changing self. This article was composed for the blank noise blogathon, but please note that only certain parts of it deal with harassment. It’s more about being a […]

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