Respecting opinions

All human beings are different. We all have our set of beliefs and opinions.
It is not always that two people’s opinions and beliefs match, but as long as you respect another person’s opinion, you can strive to live in harmony.

What makes humans different from cattle, is that we try and respect others, even if they think differently.

But where does one draw the line in ‘respecting’ other opinions?

If I meet someone who does not think spouse-beating is a bad thing, do I respect his/her ‘different’ opinion?
Do I respect a murderer? After all he does think differently.
Should I respect my friends’ opinions even though they disagree with mine?

Where does one draw the line?
When it means compromising on your own opinions/belief system?

Then why do people make such a hue and cry about ‘compromising’ and ‘adjusting’ and blah!
Why can’t we compromise or adjust madi and respect murderers, rapists and criminals?

After all, all humans think differently!

7 Responses to “Respecting opinions”

  1. Rohan D'souza Says:

    That was provocative !!!Guess adjust madi is only till you can put on with it, after that it’s yakkey cool? drink.

  2. autogato Says:

    Rock on, girl! That kicks ass!I am so glad you blog. I love reading your stuff.Oh yes – and more ramblings on “the one” coming soon from me. And meaning and the like.

  3. Udeesha Says:

    One needs to respect what’s right and not what’s wrong. How can you justify a wrong act in the name of “having an opinion”?Knowing what’s wrong and what’s right is something every individual knows deep inside, it’s just that some follow their conscience and some don’t.

  4. sinusoidally Says:

    Good thinking. But respecting an opinion is different from disregarding someone’s dysfunctionality! That is a distinction one has to make. One could respect difference in opinions about culture, religion but if one does not accept the opinion of a spouse beating idiot there is no question of respecting it at all!

  5. riviresa Says:

    that was a good article…..are you into blank noise projects??

  6. Trauma Queen Says:

    yupp..i have been getting to hear a lot about how provocative this post is, n that it kicks ass 😉but honestly, where does one draw the line? u can ignore or disregard someone’s opinion..but it still existsyou can choose to go ‘eww’ if ur a veggie and see sumone else eating eggs or meat, and justify it as following your conscience.a spouse-beater can justify his stance as a ‘cultural difference’the point being..can we draw a line???or is all this so subjective at the end of the day?

  7. sid Says:

    Interesting!Everything is always <>relative.<> Our present value system is different from what was exercised say 100 yrs back and will be different to what will be followed in the future.So you accept/reject opinions based on your own perception of right and wrong and the degree to which these opinions deviate from your own opinions.Do I make any sense? 🙂

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