I’m infected, so are you

Fine, so I admit I’m a fan of Himesh Reshamiyya. As one of the Radio City RJ’s said, you either love him or you hate him. But I personally believe we all love him, after all he has won three awards (filmfare, zee cine and stardust) for best music director, best new musician etc etc.

So if you’re a closet fan, its time to come out in the open. And for those who still want to be stuck in the closet, read this:

The benefits of being a Himesh Reshamiyya fan

1. Your look: For starters, you can wear the crappiest of clothes and sport the most unkempt look and get away with it without having to lie about being an iitian. Like that guy AD Khan on the second floor in my office – he has managed to convince HR that a blue P-Cap is acceptable office wear.

2. People Repellant: No odomos required, Himesh songs have an amazing effect on homo sapiens, especially those at the workplace. Watch as people make way for you every time they see you. No one dares to stand even 20 feet near you. You are feared and dreaded for being the worst office pest ever!

3. Bye bye Isabgol: Struggling every morning? Just ensure you sing “ooooooooooh huzooooooooooor” for a good five minutes, and you need never sing “jhalak dikhla ja…ek baar aaja aaja aaja” on the pot ever again.

4. New and improved vocab: Put all those annoying punjabis (opposite of madrasis) to shame by showing off your brilliant urdu-esque vocab. Learn to use words like ‘kashish’, suroor’ and ‘sarfarosh’ while conversing. And for the benefit of phreakv6 and other readers
– kashish means attraction
– sarfarosh means above everything else
– nasha means intoxication
– madhosh is another form of intoxication
– jhalak means glance
– suroor means….errr…I need to figure that out..meanings anyone?

5. From office pest to office’s best: In the evolution of your fandom, you will see benefit number two slowly being replaced by this benefit. The more Himesh you sing, the bigger everyone else’s earworm gets. Soon you’ll have the I-live-and-die-only-metallica fan humming “naam hain tera” when no one else is looking. People even start talking about wanting to buy himesh ji’s new cd. And before you know it, everyone is infected! This brings in a whole new meaning to the term ‘herd mentality’

6. The “ooh” factor: Just like how ‘Om’ is uttered at the beginning of a shloka/mantra, Himesh intentionally starts all his songs with an ‘oooh’. Its added nasality is actually a disguised ‘Om’; thus whether u like it or not, his songs r bound to be successes!

So step out and REALISE that Himesh is the next big stinging sensation of India. (Stinging bole to like Sting) Stop pretending to hate him and admit that you, like millions of others, are infected.

And for those who still don’t wanna admit it, visit this link :Best of Himesh
Don’t worry, I wont tell anyone you were listening to ‘Tera Suroor’

Other links:
Aapka Suroor
MTV on Himesh

Criticism doesn’t bother Reshammiya

26 Responses to “I’m infected, so are you”

  1. Harsha Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH!! Hillarious! I loved you post!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    btw sarfarosh means one who is always ready to give away his head i.e. always ready to die for a specific cause.“sarfaroshi ki tamanna” wont mean “will to be above everything” but “will to sacrifice life”. contact me if you still don’t understand.and second.. how about delirium for madhosh/suroor?bypunjabi (opposite of madrasi)

  3. Anjali Says:

    rotflmao – tera suroor is my current earworm…help!!! i’m becoming one of THEM!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    also jhalak is more like glimpse, jhalak dikhla ja = give me a glimpse of yourself (not “give me a glance”)bymarathi (not opposite of anything therefore agreeing with the fandom of hitesh concept)

  5. Trauma Queen Says:

    dear maharashtrian (marathi being the language)glimpse, glance = same differencethought glimpse is a more appropriate word here“give me a glimpse of yourself”“i wish to glance a glmipse of you”wow..the hindi (and english)classes are really rolling thanks to himesh ji 😉

  6. sou Says:

    Himesh silkman .. whatever…he does not exist for me.. for now and forever.. unless he radically changes his music taste and shows some “talent” in the true <>non-nasal<> sense of the word. 😛i like the use of urdu in songs tho.. esp in dil se songs..aah.. now that’s music!

  7. Sujatha Says:

    Great!!! Loved it(and by it, I do not mean Himesh). One more point, with each song Himesh seems to be going more n more nasal. I hope his vocal cords do not become a vestige. Hence, a statutory warning for himesh fans… singing himesh’s songs can be injurious for vocal cords

  8. chamki Says:

    hahaha!sarforosh is like anonymous punjabi said it is.punjabi opposite of madrasi!!!i love these jokes!!i love these opposites ill teach my kids. up-down, north-south, punjabi-madrasi… oh wait i dont think ill need to teach them, plenty “comedy programmes”by the way im also oppositish of madrasi.

  9. phreakv6 Says:

    >>One more point, with each song Himesh seems to be going more n more nasal.in other news.. it seems himesh doesnt use laxatives anymore and relies solely on self medication.btw whats it with the cap he wears all the time? does he have a stadium on his head to hide ?wvc : tahqem ( urdu? )

  10. phreakv6 Says:

    also forgot to mention the guitar he carries as an accessory.. man (??) cant even strum for sure.

  11. The Wise Man From Hell Says:

    This is quite unbelievable… I never thought I’d get to watch retrogressive metamorphosis in my lifetime… perfectly normal human beings transformed into u-know-what (you don’t??…the word ‘idiot’ comes to mind first off), thanks to this very quashable bug called Himesh.Start talking through your noses, ye all, and the transormation will be complete…

  12. Trauma Queen Says:

    @dumb panjus(and maybe even opposites of abhijit roy): thanks for the hindi classes, but i only wanted to know what suroor means.@wise man: retrogessive metamorphosis..hahah! that cracked me up dude..or what i call ‘devolution’ (in your case, devil-ution)…Yupp..pretty soon we will all devolve into a planet of the neo-nasal freaks.@suju chechi: well, at least himesh ji need never fear ending up like michael jackson…heeheh@sou:himesh silkman as a superhero sounds super cool, dont u think? his theme song can be “oooh silk-oor”and his nose can be his super-human powerhe already has a costume, so that’s fixed…maybe a cape and flourescent blue chadds (over his jeans) saying ‘aapka suroor’ would complete the look. what say?still…what does suroor mean??? hmmmmmmmm

  13. Lasika Says:

    Himesh Reshmiya sure must have started off as a bathroom singer -no wonder he goes ‘ek bar aaja aaja aaja aaja, aaaaaaja’

  14. autogato Says:

    Who is this guy?He’s hot!Smooches galore to him!

  15. The Wise Man From Hell Says:

    hey Autogato…he’s hot, until he nasalates (talks/sings/whispers) thru his nose… then he’s not!!! the guru of whinerock!!! old whine in a new bottle!!! sometimes i ask myself a simple Q: whine’t he just shut up???

  16. autogato Says:

    oh no! Not whiny boy music! Singing like a whiny boy can cause a man to lose every last shred of hotness that he possessed. There are several singers like that on the radio – they’d be so much better if they’d just remain silent, and lovely to look at! Mmmmmm……Still, being that I am unfamiliar with his music, I still believe your boy is quite easy on the eyes. And a girl needs that sometimes, you know? 🙂Eye candy.

  17. autogato Says:

    Where can I hear his awful tunes?

  18. sou Says:

    @ autogato – < HREF="http://www.okesite.com/music/Best_Of_Himesh.php" REL="nofollow"> Click Here <>But be warned…

  19. Trauma Queen Says:

    autogato – i have included links to this music god’s music at the ned of my post. pls DO come back with ur comments 🙂others – I have added a new link to the end of the post – about how himesh ji is making other bollywood music directors/singers feel insecureHEE HEE HAHAHAHAA

  20. Rohan D'souza Says:

    Bullshit walks himesh sings. Guess when the albums are selling nobody is really worried about the tune or the music. Music directors should stick to composition. About my own blog: Been keeping very busy to blog 🙂

  21. Udeesha Says:

    Great post Chits! You’ve written like a true fan, I’m so proud of you! Me too likes his music… Hehe!! Some of his songs are soo super romantic.. Sigh!

  22. Haas Says:

    LOL… presenting the dude with the nasal twang… Good post, was fun to read 🙂

  23. Jasmeen Says:

    loved the post trauma!cant stand the guy though….its too aaaauuaannnaahh

  24. artnavy Says:

    hilarious- did u see him make an ass of himself recently in sa re ga ma? he asked all his fans to vote for a particular candidate

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, Glad to have found this blog. I am big on Hindi songs, therefore what I learnt about the language could be downsized as mostly romantic in nature, while having no one to use it with.I have posted the question before to hindi speaking friends, and they’ve agreed that “suroor” also means some sort of intoxication, so mera tera suroor is used as “we are intoxicated”. My 2 cents.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Nice…Btw, I think surroor means ‘chadta nasha’ or… ecstasy

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