La Cucaracha

is the name of a Spanish song about a cockroach. I guess the song pokes fun at someone, cos who on earth would make a song (that too a nice, peppy song) on the cockroach? They are the ickiest, creepiest, slimiest creatures on this planet, they probably creeped out the dinosaurs into extinction, are the only creatures who will survive after all other life forms on earth become extinct…and it makes me wonder

Why didn’t Noah just THROW THE DAMNED CRITTER outta the ark when he had a chance!!!

aaaargh….and to make matters worse you have the spanish singing songs of la cucaracha!!!

For those of you who do share my woes, here is an interesting story I was telling my colleague Anjali.

Me – i was really strugglin to get sleep last nite
Me – all cos of a %&^$&^$*% cockroach!
Anjali – yikes!!
Me – we have a whole lotta creepy crawlies in my area for sum reason
Me – chameleons, spiders, ants of all shapes, colors and sizes etc
Me – ya
Me – so i tell ppl this cos usually when u say ‘cockroach’ they think “dirty house”
Me – which would be very unfair to my mom… heheh
Anjali – yeah, i understand
Me – anyway
Me – so im quite a light sleeper and wake up at the slightest sound
Me – and its quite icky when u can hear a cockroach run on the bed ledge
Me – so i like woke up, switched on the light. spotted the critter and baygon sprayed it
Me – and it scuttled away
Me – and i usually wait for five minutes before sleeping cos u know, roaches r dicey
Me – any way…i snuggled back to bed
Me – and about five minutes later..i hear this weird sound
Me – woke up
Me – switched on the light
Me – and see the same roach trying to die a slow death quite close to my pillow
Anjali – ewwwwwwwwwwwww
Me – and i was like ” why me”
Anjali – i was having the same thot!
Me – baygon sprayed it again
Me – and this time i was like ” time to bring out the fly swot’
Anjali – so much for baygon’s effectiveness!
Me – and all this is at freekin 1.30 a.m.
Anjali – jesus!! tht’s painful
Anjali – did u manage to go back to sleep after all ths?
Me – critter goes scuttling away at the edge of the bed and i thwacked it
Me – it fell on the floor
Anjali – roaches just refuse to cross over to the other world!!
Anjali – bet it wasn’t dead!
Anjali – this time either
Me – and took up the ‘upside down’ avatar which was quite re-assuring
Anjali – heheheh
Me – anyway..I went to bed all happy
Me – and about 10 mins later
Me – the worst thing happened
Anjali – it flew onto u?
Me – well no, but it almost scuttled across my face
Anjali – :-O
Me – and i yelled and woke up
Me – i thought that the baygon spray had probably affected the dead roach’s buddies or sumthing
Me – baygon spray usually does tht
Anjali – hehehehe
Anjali – oh really?
Me – and i ran, switched on the light etc
Me – and to the horror of all horrors..i saw that
Me – that the upside down roach was missing
Anjali – i knew it!!
Me – it was taking revenge!!!!!
Anjali – roaches just dont die!!
Me – i know…..
Anjali – i think u shud just thwack them a couple of times
Me – and i was like> that’s its…demolition woman for u..No more nice chitty
Anjali – tht’s the only way to get rid of them for sure
Me – and i managed to chase it outta my bed
Me – and thwacked it SO HARD….
Me – the fly swot broke!!!
Me – and i kept cursing it while thwacking it
Me – and my folks woke up wondering wot on earth had happened
Me – it was soooooo funny
Anjali – this is the funniest one I’ve heard
Anjali – rotflmao
Me – and my mom ws like “it was in love with u….wanted to die in ur arms”
Anjali – i like ur mom!
Me – damned roach!
Anjali – u got tht right

Damned Noah! He must have been a Spaniard…

11 Responses to “La Cucaracha”

  1. gullu Says:

    atleast you were brave enuff to baygon it…i would have woken up my mom and dad to do that..its ok for me with bigger things like rat and lizards…but cockroaches are a nightmare to me…i have had n number of chasing sequences…cockroaches chasing me and not me chasing them 🙂btw came through phreakv6

  2. Trauma Queen Says:

    n i hav herd that roaches r so dumbthey run in the direction of soundwhich is why they end up chasing us!!!

  3. phreakv6 Says:

    after seeing this movie called hostel, i feel like putting the parts of a cockroach on display.btw, i remember doing this in biology lab. so me no afraid of no roaches.

  4. anjali Says:

    heyyya girlio!! i sure as hell remember this conversation and i maintain that it’s the funniest one i’ve heard…..still rotflmao! btw, didja have it stored or sumpn? sure brought back fond memories 🙂

  5. The Wise Man From Hell Says:

    the species will be pleased!!! a messageboard, complete with humans responding about how they felt about roaches!!like them or hate them, they are the ones that will be chuckling away when we nuke our collective asses to extinction…

  6. Trauma Queen Says:

    hey anjie baby!!!was traumatised by a whole lotta cucarachas last weekend..thus thought it apt to bring this out 😉but jish ur right..they will be the ones chuckling after we’ve all been anhiliated.

  7. Trauma Queen Says:

    hey n anj…i dunno if u remember, but we had this chat during silent hoursn one of the things u wrote about how it was such an ordeal to laugh silently…u were also having a sneezing fit the same day where u sneezed every time the auto meter went ‘ding’hee hee

  8. Anjali Says:

    Again???! You poor dear! i can already imagine a “planet of the cucarachas”….shudder!!the reason i remember this conversation so welll is coz it helped me get thro silent hour trauma!!! btw, i had a really horrid sneezing fit last week – and everyone around the bay was going “gesundheit” every 2 SECONDS!! I think they took turns coz it was soo fast…..hehehehe. Next time u see a comment from “sneezy”, you’ll know who it is 😉

  9. The Wise Man From Hell Says:

    hey TQ,u just made a martyr out of a roach. So next time there’s a invasion in ur room, you know why it happened.The entire roach population up in appendages!!! hyuk, hyuk,hyuk…🙂

  10. Orion Says:

    ha ha ha! these little creeps survive and multiply like hell.. much like humans I guess. Only that they are dumb (except few cockroach brainies!) and small. noah would definitely have done us a favor by chucking them out along with flies and mosquitoes..

  11. Anonymous Says:

    The roach sure was vindictive. Vengeance like never before….Main to marunga … par tujhko bhi na chhodunga….Must have been a male roach… Perseverance thy name is male specie….Suja chechi

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