Blogger’s block

I cannot write I cannot write I cannot write
I want to write, but I can’t
I want to bitch about people, but they may read my blog
I want to say mean and hurtful things, but I will save that for later
I want to end friendships, but I’m too scared
I want to make new friends, but I’m too lazy
I want to gym, n kick box, and yoga
but….I’m out of excuses.

5 Responses to “Blogger’s block”

  1. Trauma Queen Says:

    crap!i jus realised i sound like such a psuedo indian trying to be american trying to be indian in the second last line…not that it matters, but it suddenly reminded me of dumbelina…this dumb student from the states who would go “AAAAUUUUMM”, real loud n in a really fundoo accent, while trying to do yoga on a rock, in our campus. if she only knew she n her ‘auum’ were the butt of all university jokes 😛trauma babe she was!n what about this other american who spoke of how she felt “good kaaaarma vibrating thru my baaaaaww-deeee” after she got her belly button piercedsorry american readers, but im glad im finally bitching about sumone!!!

  2. autogato Says:

    You know, you just sound like a gal who’s been a little down on her luck or stressed out. We all have those days where we want to bitch and bitch and bitch and not do anyting productive or helpful. (If they stay for a really long time, then we’ll need to talk). But when they’re transient, it’s no big deal. Sometimes it can even be fun to just be a Cranky Old Scrooge and such. I hope you get to feeling more spiffy soon. Wooohoooo! Until then, feel free to bitch all you want. Hell, bitch about me!

  3. The Wise Man From Hell Says:

    Haven’t seen you like this in a looong time…don’t soak in the pit too long… get up and out – the world awaits…🙂

  4. autogato Says:

    Still blocked, eh?

  5. anjali Says:

    I agree with autogato!! We all wanna bitch sometime or the other…it’s very therpeutic (in a weird way!) I remember when u told me about this….it was really funny to hear u say it…rotfl! here’s hoping u get back to ur hyperactive, chipper self reaaaaaal soooooooooon!! 🙂

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