Total Trauma – relived eveyday

I wanna blog wanna blog I wanna blog
I have written five blogposts in my head since the last one

If I blog in the office, “It will affect your will be escalated to the manager.”
Fair enough, not good to use office resources for personal needs.

If I blog at home, I’m hogging the computer.

If I’m caught using the cell phone at office, I’m flouting the rules of the ISO2700 whatever certification.

If I try speaking on the cab ride back home, my listener gets to hear more of the neighbouring girls yell at their respective boyfriends, or go all coochie-coo, on their cell phones 😛

I could go to the cafeteria and make a call, but that would mean making my listener endure the trauma of hearing at least a 100 people yelling at/coochie-cooing with their bitter/better halves.
And if I cellphone away at home, its justification behind why I’m going mad, cos I’m “addicted” to my phone, and my brainwaves are already mixed up.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Wish I could , like crazy head, choose the devil over the deep sea, cos at least it gives me the pleasure of some company 😛

Thank God for the five minutes I got to post this….

7 Responses to “Total Trauma – relived eveyday”

  1. autogato Says:

    And as your reader, I am thankful. One thing I do when I don’t have access to the net is just to type it out and save it as a document that can easily be pasted into blogger later!Hooray – you are back!

  2. Trauma Queen Says:

    thing is, its not about the internet access as much as access to a machine..or rather…the time to access a machine for personal work like blogging 😛

  3. anj Says:

    “It will affect your will be escalated to the manager.”…..hmmm, where have i heard that before?!!! oh well, looks like it’s the same story everywhere – at least u dont have a tracksheet :-((also, this explains the mystery behind your silence! u poor dear….u shud take a day off, send your folks to the movies and blog to your heart’s content! (Is it me, or does that sound stupid?) It’s worth a try!

  4. Crazy Head Says:

    Thanks!!! dear… Trauma Queen identifies a new trauma… Bloggers Block!!!

  5. Jasmeen Says:

    blog just when you cantdo it say it spit it now.

  6. Trauma Queen Says:

    anj….oh i DO have a tracksheet..actually its a tracking tool….but yeah, canNOT beat ur tracksheet 😉n hye..liked ur nuuuu blog…but pray, why no options to post comments?

  7. anj Says:

    heheh…thanks girl. skewed settings have been fixed and u can comment now 🙂 hope to see one from u!

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