The Birthday Countdown

yip yip yipppeeeee
hyperactiv puppy on a pogo stick

It’s the birthday countdown
I can hardly (h)waaaiit
day by day anticipation
of my favorite celebration!

It’s the birthday countdown
as each day disappears
3-2-1 before I know it
my birthday is heere….

In celebration of my happy birthday week, I shall (attempt to) post a new post every day


4 Responses to “The Birthday Countdown”

  1. Trauma Queen Says:

    whaaa??no comments??😦ok, i will post a comment to my own blogpost 😦but yipppeee..arfy is still happy..

  2. autogato Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!And, of course, I really look forward to the posts. (I Love Your Posts)

  3. Ameet Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Jasmeen Says:

    im sorry. i missed itHAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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