Victoria’s real secret

is that some of its stuff is ‘Made in India’…..even though none of its stuff is sold in India.

This little piece of information got me asking
“where? where? where?!!?”

“do they actually have a factory here??”

“is it perhaps some local brand that is being sold to Mr. Victoria and his secret factory at dirt cheap rates, only to be bought at frightfully expensive rates by unsuspecting brand conscious people?”

Knowing the politics of business, the answer to that question is most likely to be a yes.

In which case, which is this local brand?????

do you think they exploit labour? child labour perhaps??

This was an interesting discovery for me, especially since it’s commonplace to see a ‘Made in Taiwan/China/Japan\Nippon’ as against a ‘Made in India’ , and also cos I have been told by some businessmen friends that foreign companies refrain from using the ‘Made in India’ label for fear that it might hamper sales (read: racism)

hmm….I wonder what other secrets Victoria is keeping……

21 Responses to “Victoria’s real secret”

  1. autogato Says:

    I love it! Your dry wit and cynical humor always amaze me.So it’s MADE in India, but you can’t buy it? That’s crazy. I bet it’s being sold under another name, just like you suspect. I gotta hand it to them, though. They make some good underwear. That’s just about all I will buy now. They last FOREVER and they STAY IN PLACE, if you know what I mean. No migrating underpants.

  2. Noodlehead Says:

    Waaahhhhhh…we’re paying a bomb to buy great stuff that’s being made right under our noses 😦 But then again, most of the really good stuff that you get in the world can be tracked to somewhere in Asia! Me thinking of Alanis and her song:<>old man turned ninety-eightHe won the lottery and died the next dayIt’s a black fly in your ChardonnayIt’s a death row pardon two minutes too lateAnd isn’t it ironic…dontcha think<>

  3. Noodlehead Says:

    One step closer to discovering the secret! Look what I found –<>Here in Tamil Nadu state, where the changes are briskest, global corporations are already taking advantage of a shift the world has scarcely noticed. Victoria’s Secret already buys 6.5 million bras a year in this city, roughly one-tenth of its global total, from a factory its parent company, Limited Brands, invested in.<>You think all that fab stuff is being churned out from some small village factory in Tamil Nadu? Aiiyooo!

  4. Crazy Head Says:

    Tiruppur… That must be the small town in Tamil Nadu that the International Herald Tribune is talking about. But then, Tiruppur was always famous for producing good stuff in total anonomity and sending them for the benefit of people in other countries. Remember when Bill Clinton’s much hyped visit to India. Billy Bhiyya was surprised to find that his favourite brand of T-Shirt is produced in India.We, Indians, will however get only damaged goods that Tiruppur produces. If you take a train via Coimbatore, you get smart, damaged T-Shirt for as much as Rs. 30/-.. but the piece is DAMAGED or what the textile industry calls export rejects… Let me tell you, there is a huge market for these Export Rejects on the trains that pass through Tiruppur. Yet.. the sad fact remains that we have access only to Export Rejects.

  5. autogato Says:

    Rock on VS cotton bikini panty!

  6. sou Says:

    let’s head out to tirupur, find the factory and buy off all the stuffs..

  7. Ameet Says:

    Smack in the middle of Mumbai is the world’s largest slum – Dharavi. Buried in the alleys of Dharavi are tanneries and leather-goods factories. They have exclusive manufacturing contracts, and cannot sell anything direct to the local market. Who knows how many Fendi and Gucci accessories get churned out there. However, if you have an original design, you can get it made it leather for a pittance.

  8. Trauma Queen Says:

    ameet: nice input, n my mom told me that there is a ‘united sindhi association’ in mumbai that labels all its goods as ‘made in u.s.a’….no wonder sindhis make good businessmen 😉angie: thanks for that newsbyte!!crazy head/sou: facts facts n more facts that shatter the myth…i hav seen sum tiruppur ‘stuffs’ n it is pretty fact u also find them in ‘remote’ parts of mettupalyam n all..awesome t’s for like 30 bux only!! autogato: errrr…yeah..VS rox! tiruppur rox! united sindhi assn. rox! hehehhee

  9. Trauma Queen Says:

    crazy:i always thought tirupur was in kerala…realised now its in coimbi..???ur comment made me think of the freedom movt…the time when we were made to spin the cotton, to sell it to them be forced to buy it again for sky rocketing rates…u need we need a neo gandhi and a ‘burn all foreign goods’ movement??? or dyu think this is one of the after-effects of the big g – globalisation! so much for being an independent country…what with america trying so hard to rule the rest of the world and the fact remains…awesome stuff is being made here..but we cannot buy it 😦

  10. angiemallya Says:

    ohhhhhh, me’s going to Coimbatore at the end of the month and guess what….Nikhil used to work in the textile industry earlier right in Tiruppur (and I thot I knew everything about him!) He apparently knows places where most of the big brand stuff is made. Maybe I’ll find the secret….will keep ya posted!

  11. Trauma Queen Says:

    oooohthis secret is getting murkier n murkier….wonder if we will ever get to decipher DA VICKI’S CODE!!!(so dark the con of the businessman)your first clue is to crack all the friggin word verification codes on this blog…..hehehe

  12. autogato Says:

    Da Vicki’s Code. OMIGOSH – that’s funny!

  13. Crazy Head Says:

    MAN!!! This post can cause a Quit India Movement….It could be Quit India with Bra burning….That would be fun!!!HAIL REVOLUTION….

  14. Danielle Says:

    You have a great blog. I want to go to India one day.

  15. Orion Says:

    Now that is really interesting :))

  16. Uday Says:

    Interesting… Let me shift the focus from VS to the other issue u brought up. About child labor.A lot of MNCs outsource the first stage of manufacturing to “developing countries” like India. They hardly ever outsource the enire product. Because this way, once the semi finished material is shipped to them, they can give it the finsihing touches and give it the label “Made in USA/UK/whateva”So what they do is, give the contract to Company A. And impose all sorts of restrictions on labor exploitation, child labor etc etc etc. Company A will subcontract it to Company B. Company B might choose to subcontract it further to Company C. Company C employs child laborers, paying them a max of Rs 20-25 per day. Or even if they are gracious enough to eploy adults, they will not be paid more than Rs 55-60 and be treated like shit. Now, this MNC can wriggle out of any obligations as all this is being done by subcontractors and not by its direct contractors. So they claim that they do not have any knowledge about and hence no control over it. But they know it alright! Child laborers and poor working conditions are the only reasons why Company A is able to offer the services at such a competitive rate. And they know it! A world renowned shoes and fitness company is especially notorious for this model. I wont be surprised if VS does it too. In all likeliness VS would get the cloth produced, cut etc here. But the inseams n stuff is prolly done elsewhere to avoid putting the “Made in India” tag on it.And btw, the stuff produced by United Sindhi Association goes by the tag “Made by USA”. Thats how u spot if it made in USA or by USA! 😀Hell lot of gyaan for my first visit to your blog! Rock on!

  17. The Wise Man From Hell Says:

    great info, uday…and hell…a quit india movement because some fancy lingerie joint gets their stuff done here n our ladies cant buy it???mebbe we cld all strut out to the US embassy in our local-made VIP chaddies, in a show of solidarity to the plight of our poor-ladies-dat-can’t buy-vicki’s-goodies…What next, I am wondering…

  18. Trauma Queen Says:

    strutting in vip chadds…hmm..interesting 🙂rang de basanti to rang de vickiimagine if they started a chain called “basanti’s secret”hehehhee 🙂

  19. Anonymous Says:

    it’s supposed to be “made by usa” 🙂msr

  20. Trauma Queen Says:

    yupp msruday clarified that for us…

  21. Direct Line Says:

    Call Mon-Fri 9am to 7pm (excl.

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