Corporate dirtbag

(To be sung to the tune of Wheatus’ Teenage Dirtbag)

My workplace is hell
I’m always day-dreaming
I can’t even tell
When I will be leaving
I walk to my cab
He’s looking so fab
But he doesn’t know who I am
And he doesn’t give a damn about me

Cause I’m just a corporate dirtbag baby
A brick in the wall – I’m faceless baby
Listen to Himesh Reshmi baby with me

My TL’s a d***
He brings his laptop to work
Such a damn prick
Knows nothing ’bout the job
He lives on my block
And faffs like a dork
But he doesn’t know who I am
And he doesn’t give a damn about me

Cause I’m just a corporate dirtbag baby
A brick in the wall – I’m faceless baby
Listen to Himesh Reshmi baby with me

I mean yeah..
Who cares..
He doesn’t know what he’s missing

Man I’m so damn bored
It’s lunch time and I am lonely
Lo and behold!
He’s walking over to me
This must be fake
My hand starts to shake
How does he know who I am
And why does he give a damn about..

“I’ve got two tickets to Himesh Reshmi baby
Come with me Saturday, don’t say maybe
I’m just a corporate dirtbag baby like you”

Yeeah dirtbags, no they don’t know what they’re missin!

Himesh Reshamiyyacoming soon to a city near you

28 Responses to “Corporate dirtbag”

  1. autogato Says:

    Rockin! Did you make that up?

  2. fondfire Says:

    Did you get a date to that concert or is it just for the sake of the song lyrics?🙂I’ve never heard of Himesh Reshamiyya. I’m curious now . . .

  3. SaraS-P Says:

    Same question as Fondfire… was the conclusion inspired by an actual concert date?

  4. Trauma Queen Says:

    naaah…i just tweaked the lyrics…. i love that song ‘teenage dirtbag’..its so funny!moreover, himesh is performing in my city two weeks from now…yipppeee!!so this was an ‘advertisement’ of sorts…hehheautogato has heard sum himesh – but lemme warn you..he’s very overrated! (thanks to nuts like me)…so be warned 😉but yeah it will be nice if a corporate moneybag asks me out..mainly cos i’m too shameless to pay for my own tickets…hehehe

  5. fondfire Says:

    Good luck on finding a corporate moneybag to take you to the concert. I’d take you myself, if I could afford the time and money to get over there. 🙂

  6. goofsta Says:

    guess what hitting on a certain some one(even though it was a week ago) did its magic!!!!

  7. itchingtowrite Says:

    ha ha. 1st time on ur blog & am laughing all the way. reading thru the whole blog. hav added ur link on mine.. liked the loo- thing…i can find a friend here i guess. ha ha . visit my post “Yuck Yuck” for more of that type.. the brats are whose? so adorable…let me know how the parents cope up. i too hav twins- fraternal. do visit my blog liked the post on the white woman . the victoria secret thinggie- infact gap, banana republic, triumph are all manufactured in india- tamil nadu. i personally knew an employee and she used to get me the export rejects at dirt cheap prices. the shop clothes encounter in chennai- khader nawaz khan road officially stocks the export rejects during sale time.. all said and done, they are worth buying!! it’s only the label that has been removed/ cut else it’s all original.

  8. Noodlehead Says:

    hehehehe! nice…i want to listen to the original and sing along with your lyrics 😀

  9. Rohan D'souza Says:

    – Hail himesh

  10. Tanushree Says:

    you have made that song so hillarious…great attempt…

  11. Trauma Queen Says:

    fondfire – woweee…i totally feel like archie andrews with hearts in his eyes and a dumb smile…all bcos sumone is almost willing to come alllllllllllllll the way from another country to hear a bad singer sing…heheheh of course…despite everything..himesh will ALWAYS rock 🙂 blogger frends in india…what dyu think his encore song will be..jhalak or aashik??

  12. Minal Says:

    Too funny🙂

  13. Ashish Says:

    Funny post. Even tweaking the song takes talent, so good.Now if only Himesh sang less with his nose (I wonder if I can get killed for saying something like that)

  14. autogato Says:

    Himesh is a sexy beast.Just joking.

  15. fondfire Says:

    🙂Well, if you’re gonna be Archie, I guess I’ll be Cheryl Blossom, the red-headed girl that Archie picks in the end . . . And then we can take our gender-bending selves to listen to your favorite music that I’ve never heard before.Somebody oughta make a movie. (But would it work better as a Bollywood or a Hollywood film? Oh, it’s the deep questions . . .)😉

  16. Trauma Queen Says:

    this is interesting…i ws talking about cheryl blossom to a frend just yesterday…i always thot her character was an extension of archie – in a female form of course – redhead..freckled..popular…guess that’s why it was so easy for archie to choose her?btw i never thot archie finalised on any one girlfirend….isn’t he always flirting with betty veronica and the others all the time?don’t they still make archie comics??

  17. fondfire Says:

    That’s interesting . . . Cheryl as Archie’s anima, perhaps? (Ever read any Jung?) I’d never thought of it that way . . .Honestly, I haven’t read Archie comics since I was about thirteen or so. But your comment tickled me yesterday and I got to looking around on the web . . . There’ve been a couple of stories where Archie made a “final pick.” In the most popular one, he wound up with Cheryl! But then they went back and broke them up and had him between Betty and Veronica.I suppose there are other ways to reconcile this. He could convert to Islam with them and have them both (and Cheryle, too! But that’s the limit at three . . .). He could become a fundamentalist Mormon (no limits there!). But I suppose that he’s just destined to be the playa-playa that we all know he is! 😉(Hmmmmmm. Is Archie a way of getting pre-teen girls to unconsciously accept the idea of a two-timing sweetheart? Hmmmmmm.)In any case, yeah, they still definitely make Archie comics and Archie seems destined to be part of an eternally “benign” love triangle.Personally, I’d just take Veronica and be done with it. I always pick the girls with shiny black hair over the blondes . . . (I’ve been with far too many red-heads; that never goes well! 😉

  18. mommyof2 Says:

    🙂Nice blog:-)

  19. autogato Says:

    Archie comics.Wow. Hadn’t heard that in a while.

  20. Ashish Says:

    At one time, I would positively just have my nose stuck inside Archie comics, and my mom would not be very happy about wasting time on comics

  21. autogato Says:

    I would love to waste time on comics right now.

  22. Pranay Says:

    That could make a good hip hop number.Give it some thought.

  23. Raghav Says:

    i like that song, and thats a nice adaptation, but replacing iron maiden with himesh reshammiya !!cmon !!thats a sin man.

  24. sou Says:

    no more new traumas to post? *fingers tapping on table* … waiting waiting waiting

  25. autogato Says:

    Yep, waiting waiting waitingOf course, I’m not one to talk. I took a while lately, too!

  26. fondfire Says:

    I miss Trauma Queen!!!

  27. Partha Says:

    nice one! amazing lyrics tweaking To me it sounded more like anti-workplace verse in the begining only to realize it was more of a Himesh Reshamiyya’s concert promotion towards the end 🙂esp. the “coming soon to a city near you” part!

  28. Alan Says:

    Hi, Saw Himesh here in the Seattle area several weeks ago. Show was OK, but not as exciting a full on Bollywood concert. The crowd was totally wild. We were expecting a riot to erupt at any time. There’s a full review on my Bellevue To Bollywood blog.

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