I’m still a corporate dirtbag.
Himesh came and went and I could not see the show.

Being a corporate dirtbag means working long hours, tolerating nonsense from american woman, service with a pretentious smile, commuting from one halli to another, n coming home to fight with everyone around me.

I’ve managed to log on to the secret network few folks at work know about, so to console my blogger friends who, I’d like to believe, were suffering from TQ withdrawal symptoms, I have composed the following blogposts in my head:

1. Clone Theory
3. 216
4. Bond Girl
5. Just In

ya I’m being so cool by only revealing the titles of the post….but now I am gonna play a fun game
(anj – “entertain me!”)

Try and figure out what each post might be about…let’s just call this game ‘word association’ for now..hehehe…I’ve been told I’m predictable…so this should be easy….

if that’s too boring, tell me what you want me to write about

As a reward, I shall …

sorry – no reward…I’m only looking to entertain myself.

11 Responses to “Consolation”

  1. Noodlehead Says:

    Oh well, looks like my karma has finally cuaght up with me and it’s my turn to entertain you! Oki, here goes….but I must warn you i’m not very creative so these might dampeners!Clone theory – you want to have/already have a clone? Your lil nephews are morphing into clones of each other (they’re identical, aren’t they?)You’re quite positive that you’re spongebob’s clone.216 – The number of times you wished you were able to make it to Himesh’s concert? The bus that goes to your house? Some new number sequence that you’ve discovered <>a la<> Fibonacci?Bond Girl – About female bonding or something to do with woen and fevicol/fevibond? You want to have a whole Bond movie that’s focused on the girl where she’s saving the world while Bond is a mere toy for her entertainment. her catchline for him is “entertain me”!Just in – You’re blogging about reporter lingo or you want to discuss the latest fashion in greepland. Or it’s a clever play on some poor sap named Justin?I gave it my best shot….hope you had at least one laugh from this!

  2. sou Says:

    clone – u think the corporates are in on a secret conspiracy and want all their employees to turn into clones (do they realize they’ve suceeded?)bond girl – how u’ve always wanted to be one and that u’d do a kickass job as a bond girl.

  3. fondfire Says:

    But I’m just getting to know you!Um, OK . . .Clone theory — (sou had a great guess, BTW) You think that perhaps if you clone yourself, you can get the clone to work for you and then you can spend your time following Himesh like some Americans used to follow the Grateful Dead (and some still follow Phish . . .)216 — The number of orgasms the universe owes you. šŸ˜‰ (OK, so I’m being naughty; please forgive.) That or some other magic number of something you deserve. :-7Bond Girl — What Sou said is exactly (more or less) what came to mind; then again, maybe you were smacking down the idea of Bond Girls. Personally, I think of you more like a Charlie’s Angel . . .Just In — You have some big news that no one can predict!!! (You pets are pregnant!) I really draw a blank here, sorry . . .Yes, we’re here to entertain you . . .

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Corporate Dirty Bag šŸ™‚

  5. SaraS-P Says:

    Oh wow, here I am checking in before heading out to start my work week, I wasn’t expecting to have to THINK!All I can think off is that you want to be a Bond Girl because Daniel Craig is so hot, but that seems too obvious.Sou may be onto something with the clone theory.

  6. Trauma Queen Says:

    i have always believed the funnest part of blogging is getting to read everyone else’s comments..theyre always better than the blogpost ok ok…i cannot be modest for more than 5 seconds)but seriosuly..i’m CRACKING up reading all your responses…mostly cos they’re so creative n my original posts would have been so dull n dryn also cos it gives me an idea into how each of you thinks..which is always interesting šŸ™‚answers to be revealed shortly….i’m almost thinking fo writing a post that combines all the ideas presented here…hehhee

  7. itchingtowrite Says:

    1. Clone Theory- clone does the dirty work for u and transition is automatic3. 216- extension number. himesh reshmiya number4. Bond Girl- boss, be himesh’s bond girl5. Just In- to the office & blogging

  8. autogato Says:

    Yes, we were in TQ withdrawal!!1. Clone Theory – How about Cloning OTHER workers so you can get the day off!!!3. 216 – HOw old you will be on your next birthday??? HA HA HA – Okay, that is an AWFUL joke4. Bond Girl – Do you want to have cool gadgets to speed up work? But, I have to disagree w/ SaraS-P on this one. The new Bond is not nearly as hot as the old one, in my opinion. Pierce Brosnan made one SUPER sexy Bond. 5. Just In – New news????

  9. Trauma Queen Says:

    hahathis was funn!well, the ‘answers’ would surely make everyone yawn, but like i said, i was only looking to entertain myself..and thanks to all of u..that happened!!highest marks go to noodlehead for coming close to the answers. here goes.1. clone theory has nothing to with corporates or work or whatever. we all know (as sou said) that corporates have succeeded in making us all clones. so no use crying over spilt milk. it was one of my typical relationship rants..whether opposites or likes make better matches,,,whether meeting our clones is what we need for eternal bliss šŸ™‚blah blha..boring..i know!but all that apart i’d LOVE to be spongebob’s least i wont crib so much about work! da da da da da da!!!!216: the number of my hostel room whihc i MISS. the joys of solitude. it was also the number of the bus that connected my univ to the girl – a term my friend gave me owing to my obsession with bond movies. ive been eating sleeping and thinking bond of late..ask me any trivia about 007 and i’d probably know it….but yeah, if i ever had to act in a spy movie, i’d rather be a charlie’s angel where bond would be my toy boy to ‘entertain me’ at any given time šŸ˜› of course fondfire, the name of the movie would be ‘216 is not enough’ šŸ˜‰i also think daniel craig is ‘kaka blech’, a phrase my niece uses to express disgust. roger moore is my favorite bond! despite his wrinkly skin and all!Just In – hee hee…i might write about this in the future….if i feel like this is under wraps for now šŸ˜‰thank y’all for ‘entertaining me’. ive twisted my leg and hate having to limp so much! the nice thing is i’m off work n get to blog a lot šŸ˜‰

  10. Kevin F. Says:

    TQ- made way over. Thanks again for sharing. I also made it to and left a little diddy about Nicole Kidman.I’ll be keeping my eye on you.

  11. fondfire Says:

    I hope the leg is better soon . . .I want to see <>216 Is Not Enough<> . . . Would that be able to be shown in theaters? šŸ˜‰

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