No Mastercard moment this!

Phone calls with your sweetheart – 500 Rs.
Investing in personal care products that make you look/smell better – 1500 Rs.
Going to the salon for that big date – 2000 Rs.
Straightening/coloring your hair cos you got carried away at the salon – 3000 Rs.
Getting the perfect gift – 1000 to 3000 Rs.
Getting the perfect clothes for yourself – 2000 to 5000 Rs.
Fuel costs (auto fare/bike/car) – 250 Rs.
Doing all of the above over and over again cos you are in love – listed rates * 10

The expression on your face when you see your credit card statement – Priceless

22 Responses to “No Mastercard moment this!”

  1. fondfire Says:

    Hey, glad you are in love.Woah! Sorry about the credit card bill!!!!Alas, TQ is <>in love<>, and alas, I’m too far away to intervene. <sigh>πŸ˜‰

  2. autogato Says:

    WHAT? IN LOVE? TRAUMA QUEEN?So that explains your absence from the blogosphere. Okay, TQ – make with the details! We need to know about your secret life!This post was funny, too. πŸ™‚

  3. sou Says:

    wow.. love brings out the funny stuff in you! πŸ™‚

  4. Trauma Queen Says:

    WHO SAID IM IN LOVE!!!im making fun of ppl who are in love πŸ˜›n i think i need to revive ‘the author is dead’ movement..what i write is not always about me πŸ˜›hmmm but secret love stories eh?? will save that for another day πŸ˜€

  5. frissko Says:

    i kindof thought as much (ofcourse this claim would’ve been more credible if i had mentioned this before you clarified..)..

  6. autogato Says:

    I loved the story you left about your dream on my blog. I wish that would really happen (except the sweaty foot part. If he does that, I’m not aware of it, but he could do that). I detailed a dream I had about INCREDIBLY HOT gay men from Greece.

  7. fondfire Says:

    Whew!! My plan to slowly save money, visit India, and fall madly in love with TQ has not been derailed! What a relief.πŸ˜‰Actually, I’ve never detected my feet sweating while I’m nervous . . . Palms, on ocassion, (like most folks) but never feet . . . I guess it really just was a dream representation of my tendency to overanalyze and discuss my personal life in the most self-deprecating way, though, so it was a good way for the unconscious to throw that up . . . How interesting that you think college girls would be hitting on me! College girls didn’t really hit on me when I was <>in<> college (as auto-g can testify) and I am much diminished in my physical presence these days: no long hair, no thin build, the charming naivete has been traded for a crotchety cynicism . . . I’ll shut-up now, though, so that you’ll still look forward to my far-off visit . . . πŸ˜‰

  8. theanalogkid Says:

    that was funny…hmm.. so ppl still think every blog post is about the blog owner..wonder if they thot j.d salinger was holden caulfield.. πŸ™‚

  9. mimi Says:

    hey trauma queen!To clarify what you said, the author IS dead and so none of us give a damn to what YOU think (cos you’re dead..remember?)So you can say what you want, but we all choose to read this piece of text as YOUR little love story πŸ˜‰

  10. Trauma Queen Says:

    dear dang!ur right mimi…this is what happens when i show-off. someone always comes along n exposes the truth πŸ˜›what if i said ‘the author is dead so this story cannot be about the author cos she is dead’hmm..maybe i should change my blogger name to ‘ghostwriter’ πŸ˜‰fondfire —- ooh..too much mush for me to handle this week! hehehe

  11. ishmi Says:

    cant stop laughing!you deserve a kiss for this….muaaah!

  12. Noodlehead Says:

    hehehehehehe!!! good one girlio!

  13. fondfire Says:

    Oh, alright, I’ll lay off . . .In retrospect, I’m not sure why I took this so literally. I suppose I tend to think of a blog as a good place to post autobiographical rambling or heavy heaps of opinion (or maybe Americans just do that at every available opportunity), but I will try to keep in mind that you’re trying to be creative and pose provacative thoughts and that you don’t reveal much about what’s going on with yourself unless you clearly label it as such.And it <>was<> a fabulous Valentine’s parody! πŸ˜‰

  14. Trauma Queen Says:

    gee thanks…all this mush makes me blushsad rhyme i know!!)of course.. a friend of mine retorted with a “hey are you sure you wrote this? im so sure i saw this in an email forward”aaargh..yuss yuss it is originall! and yes, i love puns and spoofs and parodies…kinda my signature style i think…

  15. ąŝħĭŝħ Says:

    and what’s the expression if the ‘love’ walks away after all this? Just thinking in baniya terms..

  16. ąŝħĭŝħ Says:

    maybe mastercardiac arrest. hehe

  17. Trauma Queen Says:

    in baniya terms only, if the ‘love’ walks away the priceles expressions and thus reduce the chances of a mastercardiac arrest.after all, baniyas are supposed to love money na πŸ˜‰

  18. autogato Says:

    Fondfire is liekly telling the truth. This was probably in his plans. You have not foiled him…..πŸ™‚But yes, that was a great V-day parody. I’m happy to say that I didn’t run out and buy anything but a card for the occassion.

  19. autogato Says:

    Have you seen theanalogkid’s newest post? I think you will like it. It relates to this one.

  20. Crazy Head Says:

    As usual, this post rocks.. simply superb… tooo good..laughed my guts,intestines.. infact my entire organs out.. miss you so much darling!!

  21. Chamki Says:


  22. Gutterflower Says:

    Lol so cute!! =D

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