Get Lost!!!

Yeah you! I’m telling you to take a hike!

You who decides to appear from nowhere and take a peekaboo at my blog..
and then put in dumb comments that I’m not even interested in.

You who has the same crap to say every time…you’re so yawn!!

You who thinks blogging is a waste of time, but reads/writes blogs secretly at work.

You who is pissed off with the asshole boss at work, or the annoying spouse, or someone I couldn’t care about – and decides to vent out all your stress here.

You who gets offended with my blogger name without even knowing WHY I have such a name.

You who gets away with offense, racism and sexism, because you are gutless to do so in front of real people.

Or because you love to stir/create a controversy, for things that are not controversial in any way.

You who gets upset with me cos your blog aint on my blogroll. And starts getting personal for a reason as lame as a blogroll.

You who tries to analyse, dissect and psychoanalyse every part of me – through this blog and this blog alone.

You – you there..big fat greep trying to hide from the world.

You who always has something to say even when there is no need for it

You who is probably going to post a comment, despite this blogpost.

9 Responses to “Get Lost!!!”

  1. Partha Says:

    I never knew having a blog can get ppl into so many complications until I read this… hmm but reading this post, I was not sure if I should really comment on this, and havin commented, I was not really sure if I should ever check back on the replies.. but anyways..btw I rem seein this ‘greep’ a while ago, interesting term it is but probably you had used it in a totally diff sense…

  2. fondfire Says:

    Why are you so mad at me?hahahahahahahahSeriously, I guess my blog doesn’t garner this sort of attention, really. People always like to create private spaces where they can roll out their ill-considered ideas and feelings. Beating up on others for contrasting notions in a “safe” way is also great fun, I suppose. <shrug> Whatcha gonna do? Better they’re assholes here than in the “real” world . . .

  3. Kevin Franz Says:

    Hey great blog!Wonderfully written…Good points!(just getting them all out at one time… next time I will leave a more meaningful comment)

  4. Canary Says:

    Wat happened to u? major cynicism 😐BTW, Long time since u dropped by? Canary says hi 🙂

  5. sou Says:

    hahahahahhaaaa….. I think I picked out atleast 3 references to ppl in real life 😀you could try spamming your blog with posts! 🙂 (yeah I’m trying in a twisted way to get you to blog more..)

  6. Trauma Queen Says:

    truth is – every single line is a reference to a real person…unless you have bloggerbots out there:P

  7. Amritha Says:

    your right…im def gonna post a comment.. Nothin meaningful…just a word of appreciation for a kick ass blog… 🙂

  8. Anne Cressy Says:

    Hi there,I followed the link you left with your comment on the ethicalblog…and I like your format and how civil you were in venting about uncivil behaviour. Great post.

  9. Manmohan Singh Says:

    Happy indeed was I your poem to read. As a wise old fart from China once said: “Youth with constipation yearns for diarhhea”. Once upon a time, a man called prometheus stole fire from the gods and bought it to mankind. Gnashing their teeth and pulling each other’s beards in anger, the gods, led by zeus and angelina jolie, chained him to a cliff and had eagles eat his liver on a daily basis for eternity. This, I know, sounds a bit too vulgar to be true, but indeed it is. The point I am trying to make is that without fire in your ass, you are a caterpillar. Fire burns, sometimes. I hope these words have comforted you somewhat, but may I offer this most prosaic advice: Approach women with a casual but confident air, preferably wearing a red fedora at a jaunty angle. Then you will know the agony, the ecstasy. On a light-hearted note, I leave you with a question to ask your imaginary friends: Why don’t chickens blog? The answer, if you arrive at it in finite time, will tell you why a chicken is superunknown.

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