New Age Mowgli

Kipling’s Mowgli was an enterprising Gujju bhai 🙂

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4 Responses to “New Age Mowgli”

  1. fondfire Says:

    I know Bhai means “brother” and is used kinda like “man” in English, as a common designator of any male person. Otherwise, I’m a little lost. The guy at the end of the cartoon is that singer you like, right???? So, he’s raised by wolves????Man, I’m used to following cultural references!!! Hahahahahah! Kinda frustrating when it ain’t my culture. :-p

  2. fondfire Says:

    So, “Gujju bhai” would mean “Gujarati brotha’,” I take?This is starting to make a bit more sense.

  3. Rohan D'souza Says:

    very funny!

  4. popsie Says:

    Trust you for this, only you can manage to lay your hands on stuff like this.:-)

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