Bang! Bang!


I recently had the good fortune of going through my colleague’s highly traumatic Bappi Lahari collection – and you can imagine my joy and happiness when I came across the disco dancer collection. Who can ever forget Mithun Da’s Johny Travolta moves, Kalpana Iyer’s gyrating hips – and lets not forget the ultimate bolly-disco music that took India by storm.

However, what’s more interesting than all of the above is doing a dissection of the popular opening song – the title being – err – ouwa ouwa? or is it bang bang? or naache naache?

Perhaps this is the only instance where a bollywood cover has surpassed the original (this song is a rip off of ‘video killed the radio star’)

But the lyrics – damn those lyrics – what on EARTH do they mean??

listen to the song (second one on the list)

do u know why she keeps saying bang bang?
or why they say sui sui? what on earth is sui sui???
or why lootofying a khazaana is followed by a bang bang?
or why she says tumse hain tumse pyaar instead of mujhko hain tumse pyaar



10 Responses to “Bang! Bang!”

  1. popsie Says:

    LOL – you are losing your mind Trauma Queen? I thought you lost it ages ago!!! 😛

  2. Rohan D'souza Says:

    funny … they were just learning disco i guess…

  3. gullu Says:

    I guess bappi was way ahead of his time in india thats y the lyricists couldnt catch up with him and simply filled in with sounds, grunts or whatever they could put down with alphabets.hey saw this weird theory long back on why himesh’s songs are a hit…it seems its becoz he repeats the lines in the same tone many times and human mind just sticks to it. Kinda like memorizing…was stumped by this theory 🙂

  4. frissko Says:

    “why she says tumse hain tumse pyaar instead of mujhko hain tumse pyaar”guess she is being iterative…as in “am in love with you and only you”after all these years, the only part of the song that remains in my head is ‘Bang Bang!’…whats wrong with ‘Bang Bang’? :)…

  5. sou Says:

    or why she says tumse hain tumse pyaar instead of mujhko hain tumse pyaar!!!!you know what!?!?!? this is what i sent in my mail to my friends who you’ve made happy (through me) coz of sending the song:<>too many memories attached with this one! the old tape recorder with the orange record button embedded in the steel play button.. grandma’s house in Mysore.. the best years of my life.and i never could understand why she said “tumse hai tumse pyaar” with my limited knowledge of hindi i thought it either had to be “mujko hai tumse pyaar” or in a twisted declaration of narcissism, “tumko hai tumse pyaar” 😀 (i was four years old) <>hahahaaa

  6. Trauma Queen Says:

    she says BANG BANG cos she is giving instructions to the drummer to BANG the drums – cos every time she says it – the drummer bangs the drums!!!but WHY oh WHY does she say sui sui????

  7. udeesha Says:

    udeesha: poor uudeesha: sui suitq: STOP SAYING THAT!!udeesha: hey i cracked it!!tq: i get sui sui’s (stitches) im my tummy cos of all that loffingudeesha: whe u have nothin to sayudeesha: say sui suiudeesha: hehetq: HAHAudeesha: fillertq: and get a sui sui cos of all that loffingudeesha: hahaudeesha: ejjactlytq: and then commit sui sui cide 😛tq: trauma i sayudeesha: hahatq: imagine if phil collins sang sui sui suidio

  8. Trauma Queen Says:

    u know – i was watching the video < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><> There is a huge banner on the stage in the video – that says ‘bang bang’. the name of the stupid dance number (or theme) is bang bangAAARGH!

  9. Reshma Says:

    resh: gawd- today entire morning my mind was on sui sui. i listened to a lot of songs and now it is not there anymoretq: nooo…u just had to say sui sui!! im loffing now and i wont stop!! WHY DID U REMIND ME OF SUI SUIresh: ok think of ‘tur tur taranna bang bang’. or even the tu tu tu tu tu roo roo roo -lagta hai she is calling her dogtq: LOOTO KHAZAANA BANG BANG. maan…why bang bang after lootofying a khazaana?resh: <>shooting man, shooting. they are looting na? to shooting to hoga hi<>tq: ooooooooooooh….maaan …gets deeper !!tq: what inense lyrics i say. guess when it came out i was too yougn to comrehend poetryresh: yes- me tootq: u know its not even “ouwa ouwa – mujhko hain tumse pyaar” she says “tumse hain tumse pyaar”. is she saying he is in love with himself?resh: that is what i have always wondered. tumse hai tumse pyartq: or is it tumse, haan, tumse pyaar?resh: she is just reiterating i think “tumse – hai tumse – pyar”tq: haan i thot so too…kinda like that telugu songresh: which one?tq: noovoooo – -noovoooo -nooveeeeee – -nooovooooresh: i ahve heard that i thinktq: shes basically saying ‘only u’ like 10, 000 timesres: is that the one with sonali bendre?tq: yaaa same onetq: but oh geez man …. 7 pm and my mind starts playing that ouwa ouwa song

  10. Porxster Says:

    they are all probably some secret codes embedded for his alien brothers from the future to decipher 🙂

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