Knowledge Rap Records is not at all proud to present – KKRAP – a highly traumatic Balaji production.

1. Jignes – played by souji – a famous rapper.
2. His Bbhaabhi Preeti – played by udee – the perfect bhaabhi and bahu (long hair, sundar susheel stereotype et al)
3. Chudailika – played by me – a baby-faced vamp with kkropped hair.

Plot synopsis:
Jignes, more famously known as the rapper j-lo (later changed to jig-lo as the company was almost sued by p-ditty records) has found a mode of education and instructional design through the medium of rap. He raps – and shares knowledge. (As the producers of the show are K-Rap records, we are forced to incorporate this aspect in the script.)

Preeti is the perfect bahu, and is a symbol of poise, virtue and the traditional India family. Through the show, she advertises for Garnier hair care products (much in the style of The Truman Show)

Chudailika is a big-shot executive music producer- whose main motive is vengeance. She is constantly seen resorting to spite, malice, bomb scares, poisoning minds, poisoning food and sowing the seeds of mistrust. The story revolves around kkontemporrary themes of the rap industry, the cruel corporate world, terrorism, spite and malice, and lets not forget – love and angst.

Preeti has a loving and caring husband Preetam who is a factory owner in Gujarat. He never makes a stage presence – we only know of him through his daily phone calls to Preeti. But the harsh truth is, Preeti’s husband is long dead. Jignes does not want Preeti to know about this so he makes his friend call her everyday, so that she does not relapse into her mental condition (Preeti used to be a homicidal maniac who was being treated – she met Preetam in the hospital).

Chudailika used to work as a nurse in the same hospital, she was in love with Preetam, and later we come to know she was responsible for poisoning Preeti’s medication – making her condition worse. Of course, she had to do it as she was being blackmailed by Mr. Raj, who is Preeti’s evil half-brother. Chudailika gets caught but escapes before she is arrested, and later undergoes plastic surgery, changes her name to Sharmalika – and makes a big name for herself in the music industry.

This is when she brainwashes the young Jignes to try out a career is edu-rap. Little do we know her real ploy is to kill Preeti – as she stole her first true love Preetam from her.

Later we also learn the Jignes is, in fact, Chudailika’s brother. These events unfold in season 2.

18 Responses to “KKRAP!”

  1. udeesha Says:

    WOT KRAP YA!WHY DID YA HAVE TO KILL MY PREETAM?? SOBB!! And there has to be a replacement who is more goodlooking, rich, romantic etc. Please change script! Me not likings the lopsided sobby plot!!

  2. Reshma Says:

    I want some role too – behind the scenes will also do – sth more than just clapping please?

  3. suku Says:

    Can we get Sharma-lika married off to Sharma-ji .. a pan chewing, tobacco crunching, peek spewinging tea stall owner who sells vada pao to the cast .. and thats where the ‘jab we Sharma’s met’ happened no .. and lets give Sharma-lika a spl-it person-ality .. so Sharma-lika changes her name for him to Sharma-li .. and immeditaly gets an offer to act in Shaolin Kung Pao .. a real life story about how Himes, Jignes’ younger brother took to the Pao-bhaji business and split the Sharma-clan .. ofcourse the martial arts angle was just to show off Sharma-li’s killer elbows 🙂 ..

  4. sandhya Says:

    reshma can be the nurse who hands the plastic surgeon his instruments in the OT.

  5. souji Says:

    Boy….this is the best role I have been offered as compared to all the Gulti movies I have done so far!!!!!!! Very intense! Am i glad the scriptwriter chose to call me Jig-lo with a ‘J’ instead of ‘G’………Geesus! Love u p-ditty!!!!! You RAP!

  6. Trauma Queen Says:

    udeesha – ur suggestion shall be incorporated in season three – when we come to know Sharmalika is the real victim and the whole thing was being stage managed by Preeti.Reshma – u can be mr. raj’s mistress who tries to get me thrown out of the hospitalsouji- u seriously must leverage this opportunity to get a break in ramoji fim studios 😉

  7. zzz Says:

    My GOD Is this YOUR brainchild??! You’ve mastered the Ekta Kapoor brand of creativity, I MUST say!!! The same twists, and the same complicated plots and the complex network of relationships and lives! GOSH! And WHAT NAMES ESP ‘CHUDAILIKA’!!!! My head is spinning. Really! 🙂

  8. reshma Says:

    I do not want to be the nurse – I do not like that costume! I dont mind being Mr Raj’s mistress – only if i can wear bindis that will cover my entire forehead and glitter like disco lights. Hey – maybe we can play ouwa ouwa at the “disco” where two couples – junior artists with bad make up and worse clothes – will sway and pretend to be enjoying themselves despite the million retakes, and the heroine will look lost while the vamps will give each other evil looks and walk with a half full glasses.

  9. dhruvvie Says:

    Too much. Man, Balaji productions(the real one) will accept you withopen arms 🙂

  10. malvika Says:

    This is brilliant!!! All ur wrk is it??? Your part very apt (shorthair..vamp;-) ..name a lil difficult to pronounce (even better) .waiting4 session 2

  11. udeesha Says:

    Hey! Why isn’t anybody talking about my role? That’s the one we need to work on!! This Preeti desperately needs a shrink and season 3 is way too far :((Souj, please add some glitz to my role!

  12. hrish kamper Says:

    trauma aunty we shud make this into a short film! 😉

  13. Trauma Queen Says:

    reshma!! awesome idea(btw i have a collection of real disco bindis – remind me to bring them when we start shooting)udeesha – we will make u wear mirror shine lipstick and eye shadow – is that glitzy enough?u have to wait until season 3 to become the hot and happening vamp (who cannot endorse hair care products thru the show)yeah we can have usha uthup make a guest appearnce (she anyway passes the criteria of looking good in a big bindi) and have an ouwa ouwa item number – ooh perhaps thats when we realise preeti is the real vamp who killed preetam for property issues – and sharmalika is just a prop – hehehereshma u can then make a come-back as the evil nurse – since mr raj and pretti would have formed an evil duo in season 3…question is -who plays mr raj?(kkhi kkhi kkhi)im guessing in season 4 jignes becomes the big bad villain – to take spite on all the losers who ruined his career in edu-rap. after all – this show is about knowledge/kapoor/rap (KKRAP)

  14. Noodlehead Says:

    wahhhhhhhhhhh…i want to share the fun 😦 !! i wants, i wants a role….or i’ll hold my breath till i turn blue and die *pout*

  15. frissko Says:

    the last hindi series i saw was ‘Malgudi days’, so have no clue abt the Balaji types…but this does sound convoluted enuf for ppl to get addicted :)…if your plot can accomodate a street dweller with multi-colored beard and dishevelled hair, i can pay to play that part…thankuverymuch…

  16. Trauma Queen Says:

    frissko! i can definitely give u a part!u can be sharmalika’s side-kick spy who disguises himself as a street dweller – and give important nuggets of information to sharmalika. in fact ur role is crucial as it brings in <>comic relief<>. You shall even have a really stupid sound effect dedicated to you every time u enter stage 😉

  17. frissko Says:

    haa..thanx…honoured…i shall start on the ‘homework’ right away (step 1 would be buying a tv :)…

  18. Udeesha Says:

    You still haven’t drafted a role for Anj??? She’ll hold her breath till she turns blue and die with a *pout*!!

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