New name is wanting

If Trauma Queen had to change her name…what name would you recommend?

yeah yeah – here is where u can get absolutely nasty and super-mean 😛

11 Responses to “New name is wanting”

  1. Noodlehead Says:

    i vote for pixie girl a la powerpuff girls….you cud be their far off cousin or sumpn 😀ok, that was lame but i cudnt think of anything better…havent slept last night! hey, google blogspot template…you’l come up with some cool stuff. that’s how i got mine!

  2. Partha Says:

    looks like u looking for a lot of ‘change’, new template recently.. new name.. wassup?

  3. moushmi Says:

    “drama queenn”??!!???!

  4. fondfire Says:

    Priestess of Glam? Lady of the Courageous Hy? Adventure Queen? Power Glam Dame?I’m not very good at this.

  5. theanalogkid Says:

    freudian nightmare? or maybe fiona orange?WVC : tbpbp (tbphbrrrrr)—< HREF="" REL="nofollow">theanalogkid<>

  6. Udeesha Says:

    chitty chitty bang bang!

  7. El Goofdom Says:

    I’ve-got-the-power (to shoo them away)?????

  8. fondfire Says:

    Hey, what about “I got ya’ trauma right ‘ere, busta'”HehehehehehehhAuthentication word: nunhyoeq

  9. Sheens Says:


  10. fondfire Says:

    Sheens is a perv . . .Oh, well. So much for a new nom de guerre . . .

  11. Canary Says:

    [Quote] What’s in a name, anyway? [unquote]*clap clap *

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