Virginal one liner

Man chases woman – woman likes to be chaste

8 Responses to “Virginal one liner”

  1. frissko Says:

    :)…that was a good one…double pun…

  2. Udeesha Says:

    how true… sigh!

  3. dhruv Says:

    bhery creative. I thot they like to be chased 😛

  4. fondfire Says:


  5. Gen X'er Says:

    is that why most andhra chicks are virginal – chaste-ava 🙂 .. a bad pun deserves a worse one, whatte whatte fun ..

  6. Trauma Queen Says:

    hahhahaoh man gen x’er – that was too funny!its funny how andhra girls can rape-oo and chaste-ava at the same time 😉and interestingly – doesnt chaste-ava mean “will u do it?”ok- that was too mean 😉

  7. gen x'er Says:

    very funny.. and yeah, the andhra guys who do the chasing are called chep-pu’s ..

  8. Canary Says:


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