Hit List

is a list of all the people I am hitting on. Currently there are about 5 or 6 people.

Kindly post comments to this blogpost – I am trying to get the ‘hit’ rate up

10 Responses to “Hit List”

  1. suku Says:

    saaad joke maan .. smells half way across indiaa hit list should be a list of people you want to hit.as for hit rates, ur blog is a one hit wonder 😛

  2. Reshma Says:

    Sorry – I am not commenting since you are not hitting on me.

  3. Ashu Says:

    if hit list is a list of people you want to hit..Trauma queen is always wanting to..and is always hitting mosquitoes..and bout rates..its 100%

  4. Udeesha Says:

    5-6! I thought there were only 3?? By the way, I agree with you, a hit list is a list of people who are wanted, could be for anything!

  5. popsie Says:

    Full and complete TRAUMA only. HIT list – WANTED PEOPLE or People Trauma Queen is hitting on or those Trauma Queen wants to hit off?:P Yes 6 to be precise, including the 2 I thought you stopped hitting on.hehe 🙂

  6. Crazy Head Says:

    who are those people u are trying to hit on… show me the list, baby.. show me..

  7. sou Says:

    oh this is nice! very you.. though the cat queen looks a little too old and plump to represent u… but other than that.. it’s purrrfect 🙂

  8. Chitty Cat Says:

    hit list cos droolios and swooniets make me wanna sing “hit me baby one more time”ashu – i can even use hit spray to hit those mosquitoesnice no?

  9. Chitty Cat Says:

    sou – changed cat queen to cutie kitty who nails are ‘as sharp as attack’hehee

  10. fondfire Says:

    Yay! Cool name!

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