The blogger formerly known as trauma queen

yupp – I have finally arrived.

A whole new me, a whole new world…

Nah – just a brand new template (that plays music) , and a new blogger name – but the stuff is just as before πŸ˜‰

Let’s just say I got a bit irritated with people taking my previous blogger name a bit too seriously. Truth is, the word “trauma” was a highly over-rated and over-used one when I was a student. That’s all! And to think of the number of people who have posted realllly mean comments just cos they didn’t like my blogger name 😑

Anyway – student life ended quite sometime back – plus I get bored of using the same name for too long (I started with calling myself tvnmcb – which expands to ‘the very naughty miss c.b’- a nickname a very naughty professor gave me :P)

In any case – my new blogger name seems a lot less mysterious/loaded than the previous names – plus it’s very me.

Hope all the doubts/questions/etc etc have finally been clarified.

Ab ke liye – masti timepass maja madi πŸ™‚

11 Responses to “The blogger formerly known as trauma queen”

  1. popsie Says:

    Nice new look and blogger name! It sure is very you:-) but is also very similar to the name of my blog, for which you were the inspiration.:P

  2. fondfire Says:

    Hmmmm. I think privately I’ll just call you “the very naughty mizz” . . . Hahahahah!Love the changes! And the music. Cool beans!!!

  3. angel Says:

    Aunt, where do u get these ideas from..i cud just die laughing:)

  4. ajishnu Says:

    hey! look what the cat dragged in!! Another cat!!!!

  5. Porxster Says:

    neat πŸ™‚

  6. Crazy Head Says:

    absolutely bindaaaas!!! and the kitty is Kute like ya… loved the new blog look… total trauma in action

  7. gullu Says:

    YIKES!! coming to your blog after a long time..opened your blog at work and got the necessary attention becoz of the music…took me a minute to figure out what was happening πŸ˜€Anyway nice changes and the pic…pussinboots caught at his best moment πŸ˜€

  8. gullu Says:

    was just exploring your blog…hit the contact link and Mozilla throws this “You are about to log into the site “” with the username “mailto”,but the website does not require authentication. This may be an attempt to trick youIs “” the site you want to visit?”hehehehehe

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Twas expecting spongebob to be thrown into the act somewhere.. may be in the next episode, eh? ;)btwn, neat changes in the template — KS

  10. Chitty Cat Says:

    hey thanks for letting me know about the contact thing – not sure why it is happeningn yes – annoying music is a grt attention seeking gimmick no? hehehehks – i did try a spongebob template!! but it was too jarring n yellow for my taste.

  11. Dr. Grumbles Says:

    Sometimes people just have to change the name up a bit!

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