First and Tracked

Crazy Chechi – this one’s for you!!

1. Do mallus eat red rice cos they are communists?
Mallu Colleague replies: and I suppose the congress party eats white rice?

2. Why can’t a bad doctor be called a quacktor? To call a fake doctor a quack is offensive to a duck. Do you think quacktors take the hypocritic oath?

3. I like to look at my reflection in people’es eyes. Eyes are after all, eye-nas.

4. With reference to the weather:
Whenever these Madrasis are depressed, us Bloreans are depressed too.
(This is not a PJ, it’s a sad joke – because it is about depression)

5. Is ‘Race’ a racy movie or a racist movie?
Udee: racy n saucy
Wiseman: I think it’s about race. And by that line of thought, his next movie should be called ‘Gender’

6. If hippies did the hop, can it be called the hip-hop?

7. I plan to make a movie on a lonely girl who is obsessed with football. The movie shall be called ā€“ Eleanor Rugby

8. If you are thrown out of a club, are you dismembered? And if they take you back in again – are you remembered?

9. Which supermodel is always in a soup?
Naomi ‘Campbell’

11 Responses to “First and Tracked”

  1. Chitty Cat Says:

    no comments??geez my jokes were that bad šŸ˜¦

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, I’m loughing so loud that I’m in tears hurts so bad:)..A handful of good timepass!

  3. Reshma Says:

    It is now that your blog seems to be what it is called! Truly Traumatic!!!!!!! A couple of one-liners apart – they were not tooo great! Am i the only one who thinks so? Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  4. Ashu Says:

    No Comments!!

  5. Chitty Cat Says:

    no man – my brand of jokes are beyond pathetic. the anon dude/ette who posted a comment was driping with sarcasm (i think)but still no – try to loff šŸ˜¦please???ive been watching those stand up comedy reality shows n all – plus i was missing crazy chechi.

  6. Chitty Cat Says:

    hey at least i aint making violent youtube vids. just trying to get a poor recontucted blog’s hit rate up – evenif it means sending emails to fraands to post commentshee hee hee

  7. ajishnu Says:

    i hope they get sadder, coz the high comes frm the low and the trichotic calisthenics (hair-pulling/tearing) the reader goes through voluntarily/involuntarily…:)way to go!!

  8. fondfire Says:

    I think some of these are Hindi/English jokes I just can’t follow . . .BTW, K and I went and saw a really good Bollywood movie recently called <>U Me aur Hum<>! Although it was a little too-poignant-to-be-real at moments, it was very sweet and very romantic.

  9. sou Says:

    hahahaaaa!! fondfire!! you watched a bollywood movie and u, me and hum of all the movies šŸ™‚ i’m sure it was sweet (like loaded with artificial sweeteners)chits can we make a joke out of this? bollywood happy endings so sweet they make u gag! šŸ˜ see your pathetic lines are waaay better than mine. and stop blackmailing ppl into commenting. just keep up the good work (read total timepass) and the (verbal) vomit <>will<> ensue.

  10. frissko Says:

    this is a comment…

  11. Princess Fiona Says:

    passerby…loved the post..had actual LOL moments with point 1, 7 and 8 šŸ™‚

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