But don’t you see?

You’re the one,
the others are just for fun.

You’re my joy,
the others are mere toys.

You’re my king,
they are songs I sing.

With you I wish to wine and dine,
with them I merely pass time.

I think of you from dusk to dawn.
they seem fun, but make me yawn.

You, my friend, are oh-so fine!
With that, I end this pathetic rhyme.

11 Responses to “Clarification”

  1. frissko Says:

    But the toys have minds of their own,And may want to play on though you want them long gone…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Poem title is a masterstroke 😉 — KS

  3. Chitty Cat Says:

    when children are bored they play with toys, and then get bored of the toysthe key word being ‘children’ – n children are mostly not taken seriouslybut imagine if toys had minds of their own – a la chucky from child’s playwoooooooooooooo

  4. frissko Says:

    haa chucky!…morbid…good luck :)…Ok, another…While, for him, your heart pines,What if you’re his couplets’ second lines?

  5. sou Says:

    🙂 strange that both of us were bitten by the poem-bug. how can it apply re.. dating/mating/timepass.. please clarify which one i fall under 😀good one tho’. keep em coming!

  6. Chitty Cat Says:

    frissko- what makes u think this poem is dedicated to a him? or to one person? ;)but yeah, i could be a toy. but i shall console myself with my narcissism!!! hehehesou – i cannot see ur bubble poem? have u blocked me? am i your couplet’s second line????

  7. zzz Says:

    That was really interesting! And you know what was EVEN more interesting? Your entry on why you don’t wanna marry…. More girls ought to read it…TRULY.AND THE MOOOOST INTERESTING THING WAS YOUR PIC– CHITTY CAT!! 🙂 HAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAA! 🙂

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hmm…happens, when good buddies don’t have time for you due to various reasons. I’ve been through this phase and hence can relate to it. Good way to pass time but somehow I did not do so, I preffered to keep to myself cos I felt it’s unfair to those who I’d USE for MERE TIME PASS.Anyway, to EACH HIS OWN, I guess. Good attempt. Keep at it(writting rhymes)!

  9. Princess Fiona Says:

    ooooh…im likin this post many!!also…likin your poetry skills… 🙂 how’s this???You’re still the one I run to..But don’t really belong to!!Sounds familiar?? hehehhee…ok..i confess….its shania twain with a twist 🙂

  10. Cecilia Says:

    Good the way its put..simple yet says alot..:)

  11. fondfire Says:

    Wow, writing poems just for little ol’ me . . . I feel so special!(I kid, I kid . . .)

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