Stressed Out

What do I do to de-stress?

  • Eat snickers or any chocolate with nuts/crunchies or plain ol’ kadlakai
  • Speak to ashu or ashu
  • Listen to lots and lots of synthpop or the Beach Boys or Himesh Reshamiyya’s pre-Karz music
  • Eat a mint
  • Slog my ass off at work or clean my room 15 times
  • Think of Saturday and the things I will do on Saturday
  • Go shopping if it’s a Saturday
  • Stay away from people who stress me out even when I’m not stressed out (the maami at work who cribs about her husband, my annoying sibling, the upstairs dog)
  • Bark back at the dog
  • Visualise myself doing lots of damage to the creator of the stress (I could either be a vampire sucking the life outta that moron, or a steam roller crushing all those vehicles causing the traffic jam)
  • Watch a comedy or Spongebob or the Powerpuff girls
  • Do NOT watch a sickeningly sweet movie full of morals and manners
  • Do NOT listen to John Denver
  • Write a witty witticism on my whiteboard, or take a chalk and write mean/stupid stuff everywhere (it’s not vandalism, chalk rubs off)
  • Read any company policy document – it is super entertaining.

How often do I stress out?


No wonder I’m good at work, my room is clean, I’m high on music and I’m happy happy happy always!


11 Responses to “Stressed Out”

  1. OnCloud9 Says:

    stress making u happywhat a lovely concepti must try this too 🙂btw – company policy documents???! reallly?

  2. frissko Says:

    :))…i think i should start coming here when i am stressed out…And hey, i had a friend in college who’d bark back at dogs (and scare the shit out of them!)…i used to think he was one of a kind :)…

  3. Princess Fiona Says:

    i eat comfort food… 🙂yeah…there’s a reason why im fat! 😛

  4. Chitty Cat Says:

    frissko in a disco: barking at dogs is FUN!! so is mooing at cows and meowing at catson cloud9 back on planet earth: company policy docs are waaaay fun – the language, the fundas, the policies, the disclaimers ( i mean i even find the ‘insurance is a subject matter of solicitation’ blah mighty funny)fiona playing with a khilona: dai ur using comfort food as an excuse – i bet u like to eat even when ur not stressed out (who doesn’t!!)

  5. The Wordscapist Says:

    And i comment too… Your room is clean?! Jeez! You intimidate me! 😀

  6. woorkeri wittynathan Says:

    Btw, I just typed out a whole long response. Did ya get it???

  7. woorkeri wittynathan Says:

    Aquarius = characteristics that came out from your aversion to the notion of the M institution.As you just demonstrated, it is generally not good to generalize. I generally don’t. 😛Love shove shaadi vaadi: I guess bloggers are a self selecting lot. Hence, it perhaps makes sense that there’s a profusion of posts on that topic in the blogosphere.

  8. Monika,Ansh Says:

    Visualise myself doing lots of damage to the creator of the stress Oh I so relate……..I can do worse things in my mind, like visualise that the malicious woman is divorced & on the streets….lol. Gives instant relief. 🙂

  9. ąŝħĭŝħ Says:

    …and the ashus have to talk to you even when they are too moved by the motions 😛

  10. Reshma Says:

    Hey, “the maami at work who cribs about her husband” – is that me? Am I now qualified to be a mami? do i crib about my husband? oops i am scared now!By the way- the best way to beat stress is to give it to others da! :))))

  11. Life’s Hidden Disclaimers « Total Trauma Says:

    […] had once mentioned in an earlier blogpost that I find corporate policy documents quite entertaining . I suppose I should have  listened to […]

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