And the Total Trauma award goes to….

Well well well…

It has been three years now – three whole years of people tolerating all the bullshit/pearls of wisdom/goofy spoofs on this blog….

There were moments of high seriousness, moments of complete boredom, moments of absolute unadultarated timepass…and chitty cat (former trauma queen/ former former tvnmcb) will continue to live up to the legend that is this blog (yes, I’m very modest)

The bad labelling shall continue, the pathetic attempts to be nightmarish and funny shall continue, the spoofs shall certainly continue, and the epiphanic moments of “I hate marriage and everything social” shall also continue (although in lesser frequency – hopefully)

Here’s wishing the assholes and uneccesary comments disappear! Hmm, strangely, ever since I changed my blogger name – they have!! Seriously, what’s in a blogger name? 😛

To honour this lowely blog of mine, I have decided to come up with some highly traumatic awards, based on real metrics. (yes I HAVE learnt something at work!) I have also decided to NOT write a post on why this blog is called ‘Total Trauma’ (those who know it, know it – those who don’t..too bad)

Let the ceremony begin

  1. Most read blogpost: Very Naughty Nursery Rhymes – I believe this gets me a hit a day. Yay! I also updated it just today.
  2. Most favoritest blogpost: Goodbye, Hello
  3. Most celebrated celebrity: Himesh Reshamiyya!
  4. Most searched sad story: Reena Virk
  5. Most commented blogpost: Pick Up Lines (41 comments)
  6. Long deestance fraansheeps: fondfire ❤ ❤ ❤
  7. Shorter distance fraaansheeps: frissko
  8. Blogger who gives me more attention than I deserve, by doing things like responding to my poyums by writing poyums for me: ąŝħĭŝħ
  9. Blogger I miss: autogato
  10. Blogger who missed getting the ‘your blog makes me see stars’ award post a blog-bath: the analog kid
  11. Bloggers I am to be liking – in my blogroll! If you’re not there – I don’t like you

And yes, I discovered – I love em bullets – bam bam!

13 Responses to “And the Total Trauma award goes to….”

  1. theanalogkid Says:

    wow that pickup lines post got 40 comments finally? i remember it from back in the day 🙂and why are u celebrating late bday? ur blog’s 3rd bday was last month. bad mother you are.

  2. Chitty Cat Says:

    drat u got me!i was busy compiling the metrics – thus slightly belated budday party 😉but it is the thought that counts right 😉

  3. Princess Fiona Says:

    congratulations :)damn coolAlso, thanks to all your labelling, I went through couple of your posts..was in splits…esp for the nursery rhymes!!!

  4. frissko Says:

    ahaa…congratulations…and dhang you for the fransheep trauma award…glad to have graduated from purrfect email writing with punctuations, full spellings and all to headerless, footerless unpretentious exchanges :)…but why is my link pointing to nowhere? u trying to say something :)?

  5. Chitty Cat Says:

    woopsie!my louwve for fondfire made the code go all haywirecorrected it!damn those hearts!

  6. fondfire Says:

    Wow! I’m awesome that I’m so far away! :-* Thanks, babe!

  7. fondfire Says:

    You just have to do what you have to do to give me my luuuurrrvin’ . . . MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHahahahahahahaha

  8. popsie Says:


  9. Aunty Helpful Dictator Says:

    well look at you – you’ve been talking shite… I mean er… blogging… almost as long as I have.And we both hated Kill Bill. Isn’t the internet marvellous!

  10. Chitty Cat Says:

    dictator aunt!u know i always thought ‘shite’ as something to do with the Muslim Shiya community…but then ur a dictator – yes master! my blog is shite! pls don’t flog me!and yes, Kill Bill is overrated 😛

  11. ąŝħĭŝħ Says:

    Thank You! Thank You! O my god (tiny tears)… I.. I.. cant believe this.. O my goad (rakhi sawant style).. I am so ownerrred to have this award. This is like the bestest thing of my life! OOO my god! I realy cant believe it! I would reaaaly like to thank my all those non-existent girl friends who spared me so much time to write poyum replies… I would like to thank my english teacher from school who could never dare to stop me from writing utter nonsensical poetry and keep boasting about them. I would like to thank the levers of the chairs of accenture.. who were so instrumental in starting my eternal fraandship with the trauma queen! and last but not the least… I would like to thank all the online forums through which I keep in touch with my ek-samundar-paar brudder… (sobs, voice breaking)Pardon my voice, I am just too overwhelmed (sobs increased)Thank you very much and love to all!

  12. Chitty Cat Says:

    wow ashishi am giving you a new award: best and most traumatic comment ever!yaar u forgot to thank me for also corracting ur englishes. yaar rakhi sawant roaks. maybe i should consider making her the most celebrated celeb on my blog ne?yaar recently i went to a party where i spoke of ekta ji and imran khan and himesh bhai and aevryone thot i was a bollywood geek. i couldnt stop loffing after knowing there r more anglicised people’s than me in this country 😉

  13. Phoenix Says:

    Still new to the blog. Left with all the posts you’ve mentioned. Hope to finish it soon sometime. Cheers 🙂

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