Why Size Zero is in

To all you horrid bitches who made fun of me in high school
Who asked me embarrassing questions about my bra size
Who spread rumors that I was anorexic
Who said no boy would look at me because I had a flat chest
Who mocked me for having matchstick legs

I cannot wait to meet your fat and frumpy selves at the school reunion 🙂


Postscript after attending the reunion:
To the reunion I did go
And there what did I see?
The ‘fat and frumpy’ people
Were way hotter than me 😦

The head-girl of the school
Gave a compliment to me
And I was thrilled and oh-so-kicked
That she acknowledged me

And then I sat and wondered,
Does high-school ever end?
Perhaps it’s just my attitude
That really needs to mend!


9 Responses to “Why Size Zero is in”

  1. Phoenix Says:

    😀‘frumpy selves’ gets a topping award

  2. Kartik Says:

    Being a member of the (nothing but) skin-bones-club, hear hear. Even if a size zero doesn’t apply to me (and bra size even less).

  3. fungus Says:

    Sign me up for the club! 😀And thanks for appreciating my blog! coming from you, it means a lot 🙂

  4. umm oviya Says:

    oh i wish i had your problem when i was in school. i was mocked for the opposite reason… but plus size ain’t in is it? 😦 children can be so cruel!

  5. fondfire Says:

    I found my ten-year reunion oddly gratifying, on many levels. It’s not that I got hotter or anybody much got uglier. It was that I held my own well amidst people that used to make me feel so small. I don’t know that the mental landscapes of our past ever really die within us (at least, not without causing vast damage), but they can morph into a meaning we never anticipated that they could have in time. 😉BTW, I am LOVING your last.fm list today. Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic rocks!!!!! And I really must say, you’re getting me to love Jamiroquai!!Whooooooot!

  6. Hrish Thota Says:

    I saw some of ur school reunion pics. some really hot women thr! 😉 watiz mobile number? 😛

  7. D Says:

    Hey..good one. I hare re-unions. In fact, i try and miss as many of them.

  8. autogato Says:

    This is a good one! I know what you mean – I got teased about my body in high school, too. Heck, some people still make comments about my size and try to say that I have an eating disorder. But some of us just come small from the factory!So be proud of yourself and your beauty as you are!

  9. Princess Fiona Says:

    hehehhehehe…i was one of those girls who used to proudly exclaim “i’d rather be fat, than FLAT” 😉

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