It pays to be traumatic

The World Blog Council (a bunch of drunken old chaps who review blogs for free) decided, after a few shots of brandy, to review my wonderful and ever-so-traumatic blog; and, despite being stupefied with the Beastie Boys playing alongside, decided to, nevertheless, give me a SPLENDID rating 🙂

the author certificate

Thank you Colonel Fotherington-Blogworthy and Ms A. Tutt!

I shall, along with Lord Likely, join you for a night of quaffing and merry-making, to celebrate this achievement. Do excuse me, however, as I shall prefer to come in a ‘ghastly’ new-wave skirt and pink hair-highlights, which might dazzle your ocular cavities (since I have done enough damage to your aural and other orifices.) You must acknowledge that I truly live upto my reputation as a trauma queen, by inflicting auditory, visual, mental and comical trauma on my readers.

We could even play a game or two of table-tennis. It is much more fun than tennis – as it involves a table and paddles. They most certainly come in handy if I get too mischievous.

14 Responses to “It pays to be traumatic”

  1. Reshma Says:

    Woooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo! way to go trauma queen :))))))

  2. Lord Likely Says:

    I would be only too happy to join in this night of drunken debauchery, m’dear!I am equally adept at both the drinking, and the debauchery.

  3. Frau von Sauertraut Says:

    I am unsure if the WBC approves of this drunken debauchery. Es ist not very correct, ja? But as long as you are in good company with Lord Likely …

  4. Trauma Queen Says:

    Fair frau – debauchery is only a euphimism for a good time ja?

  5. autogato Says:


  6. popsie Says:

    Congratulations Ms.Traumatic, way to go!

  7. Kartik Says:

    alright, cool, drunken, did someone say drunken, where, where where?I’ getting used to the depeche mode now, I even find myself leaving your blog open while I surf!

  8. sou Says:

    wow! way cool.. i’m sure you barked the happy barks for an hour atleast 🙂 here’s me joining the happy moment – arf arf arf!!!!!

  9. Nothingman Says:

    congrats 🙂pinging the pong is nice to play 🙂N

  10. penfold Says:

    I shouldn’t take too much heed of these WBC ‘experts’. I seem to have one of their few rejections and all I did was claim to be their President. Some people are so sensitive…

  11. Terra Shield Says:

    Awesome! Congratulations!! 🙂

  12. Princess Fiona Says:

    much congratulations…i think the drinkin should spill over to madras in some dire need of alchohol! 🙂

  13. Trauma Queen Says:

    @everyone: submit your blog for a review – it gives you an excuse to crash the party 😉and i’m doing my work of publicising the council 😉@penfold – well – most old fogies take offense to having anyone above them. they’re old anyway, let them enjoy their delusion…

  14. chandu Says:

    hi its ur king…….many congratulations…….

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