Neo Year – Neo Logos
As a happy new year gift to all me readers, I have decided to make a list of all the crazy words invented by me friends and me. Please feel free to use them and popularise them.

  1. TRAUMA: A word that can be used as an adjective, noun or adverb. It is typically best used when you are stressed-out, but it can also be used whenever you want to say something, but really don’t know what word to use.
    “Cellu was one trauma client.”
    “Why are you wearing such a trauma dress?”
    “Full fun trauma happened!!”
  2. Highlarious: Anything that is highly hilarious.
    Usage: “His high-jump was highlarious!”
  3. Howlarious: So hilarious, it’s a howl.
    Usage: “Did you see that trauma guy’s acting? It was howlarious!”
  4. Wowsome: Wow + awesome
    Usage: “This is not just awesome, it’s wowsome!!”
  5. Groovioli: Groovy like ravioli
    Usage: “A dance club that serves free food? Groovioli!!”
  6. Complisult: A compliment that is really an insult, or an insult that is really a compliment
    Usage: “He called me a wannabe geek. Now I’m not sure if he was being nice or mean. I suppose he meant it as a complisult”
  7. Bebilicious: A term used to describe a cutie named Bebu
    Usage: “Bebs, you’re totaly bebilicious ;)”
  8. Bhae: singular for bhains (buffalo).
    Usage: “That trauma guy is so bhae”
  9. Dufus* Moronicus: a duffer and a moron
    Usage: “Homer Simpson, you’re not just a dufus, you’re a dufus moronicus.”
  10. Wape: The offspring of a highly evolved woman and an ape
    Usage: click here
  11. Ughtastic: So ugh its fantastic
    Usage: “Did you see that grey cockroach that scuttled by? Ughtastic!”
  12. David Wowie: When you have been Ziggy Stardusted!
    Usage: “She has been obsessing over shiny spandex clothes and glam rock. Methinks she is in a David Wowie state of mind.”
  13. Geekariffic: So geeky it’s terrific
    Usage: “You have gotta try wearing sports shoes with formal pants!! It’s totally geekariffic!”
  14. Fritching – bitching in front of someone
    Usage: “Who said I was bitching about you? I’m telling you honey all that lead in your lipstick is going to your brains!”
  15. Wouch: A wow that makes you go ouch
    Usage: “Sigh! that wowsome girl makes my heart go wouch.”
  16. Ayyo Rama: What a stressed-out popsie says.
    Ayyo Karma : What the stressed out cab driver says.
    Ayyo Trauma: What I say in addition to the two above.
    Ayyo Rama! Ayyo Karma! Ayyo trauma: What you hear when the cab carrying popsie, tq and the cab driver is almost hit by a bus.
    Ayyo Seeta : What vedu unkal says in response to what popsie says.
    Ayyo Shut Up: What everyone else says when popsie, tq, the cab driver and vedu unkal are around.
  17. Funderla: having fun at Wonderla, or the equivalent of it
    Usage: “Come on da! Full funderla only it will be”
  18. Gangrene groupie – a person who likes to be a part of a gang or a group and loses his own identity thereof.
    Usage: “Oh so now all of them wear black because it is the ‘group’ colour eh? What a bunch of gangrene groupies!”
  19. Stretchercise – Stretching exercises than may end you up in a stretcher.
    Usage: “Our yoga master keeps telling us to stretch. I’m scared this will end up becoming another form of stretchercise”
  20. Qwae: a general feeling of weirdness, or the sound your tummy makes when it is upset
    “I am feeling very qwae qwae”
    “That bhae’s stomach keeps going qwae”
  21. Hexercise** : exercise that involves inhalation and HEXalation
    Example: “The Yoga master said: Inhaaaale….exhaaale…take a deeep breath… hex..hex..hex..hex”
  22. Morantic*** : Romance that makes you a moron
    Usage: “That silly girl thinks her trauma bf is a superman – how morantic indeed”
  23. Greep****: a geeky creep
    Usage: click here
  24. Bhitamins: What a bheri bhad bhaiya tells you to take bhen you hab a cold.
    Prounced as: Bhai-tam-ins

And if new words like these interest you – do check out the Urban Dictionary. You can even contribute neologisms created by you 🙂

* coined by Bart Simpson
** coined by Ashu Byabee
*** coined by Gudrun, meaning provided by me
**** coined by Udeesha

14 Responses to “Neologisms”

  1. Kartik Says:

    hahaha, loved it, loved it all,sooooo fantastic and not cos i’m drunk sensless. Loved the bhae, dufus moronicus and the bhitamins.Hexercise, is that something that goes from 0 to F?

  2. sou Says:

    Grooviloli!! I loved hexercising, bhae, and qwae 😀

  3. popsie Says:

    Ayyo Sita and Ayyo Shutup – newly coined terms, eh? ;)Hexercise: lol!:)

  4. zzz Says:

    Hehehehe! 🙂 I think that was a V(n)ER(n)Y INTeresting E(n)Xerc(n)ise! 🙂

  5. Trauma Queen Says:

    @kartik: not sure I understood ur qn about hexercise – it is sumthing my yoga master used to say and was just so funny@sou! I know!! there r so many words u have also invented – u should also make a list!@las: dai ayyo seeta is not made-up, but the whole ayyo series is funny no?and i forgot to add another word ‘complisult’ – have modified the post….

  6. moon's muse Says:

    Highlarious and wowsome!now that was the intention right??i am already neologizising:P

  7. suraj sharma Says:

    you give people work? for sure? cuz i am unemplyed you know….srsly.

  8. Kartik Says:

    hey have a great new year. Just passed 12 here (and i’m guessing there too). Sohave a fabbo new year and keep posting!

  9. Terra Shield Says:

    That was funny… Really got me laughing. And yeah, Urban dictionary rocks!

  10. Crazy Head Says:

    fantastic… so fantastic that it is highlarious.. wunnerful new year gift… happy new year kutti…ur blog – it is blogalicious… any blog that becomes an appetizing food for thought… me a regular reader of ur blog though leave i rarely leave a comment

  11. Fire and only Fire Says:


  12. Princess Fiona Says:

    heheheh…wat a great start to the new year!!! good one…and ‘complislut’ – can also mean complete hoe! 😉

  13. Kadri Says:

    <>Complisult!<> I love it and know I’ll have a lot of use for it. =)

  14. Fire and only Fire Says:


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