Mujhse Shaadi Karoge?

What an awesome way for me to get over my matrimonial fears AND be in the spotlight!

If I win this opportunity of a lifetime – all my dreams WILL come true. Ekta Kapoor will definitely give me a role in her TV serials this time, and who knows, I might even get a chance to dance on the esteemed TV show – Nach Baliye.

I shall immediately create a profile. I suppose Trauma Queen not-so-aptly translates to “susheelbahu rani”.

Boys with melodramatic acting/dancing skills who are also dying to be in the spotlight are most welcome to scheme with me. Of course – you will first need to create a profile on

As for the tricky part of being married, hmm, that can always be ended once the media frenzy dies down. Everyone’s backs will be scratched and everyone will be happy – participants, viewers, bloggers and media conglomerates alike.

Thank you all ye conniving dot coms and TV channels – you truly teach us the meaning of ‘equitable business’ 🙂

17 Responses to “Mujhse Shaadi Karoge?”

  1. Kartik Says:

    is this for real? sorry have been disconnected from TV for quite a few years now have no idea what these bozos come up with!

  2. Julia Scissor Says:

    Eeew, they are at it again. I quit watching TV a few years back but I remember there was a show by Madhuri Dikshit (named Swayamvar or something) on the same lines. It was embarrassing to watch it! Who knows what the participants must have felt like.Equitable business, indeed.

  3. popsie Says:

    Trauma Queen and on Television? Yes, indeed a great opportunity to potray your acting skills(I won’t forget the act at the transport helpdesk) ;), yet for someone so private as you especially in the online/public world to participate in such a show?! Hmm….for the fun of it, yea…why not(like you said end it after the media frenzy ends)? 🙂 😛

  4. demodude Says:

    I was typing out a post then I got into a huge argument with my argument with my roommate about bikes, got distractedwill finish and post in a bit!wv: upena (you pen a (post?))talk about freaky?

  5. Kartik Says:

    sorry the last comment was me,a friend had logged into his google account and I guess I commented as him.would you believe my word verification code is “cheat” I have a screenshot!

  6. Trauma Queen Says:

    yeah kartik – and my wvc for you is “tripp”😛

  7. ąŝħĭŝħ Says:

    yaar i am secretly a member of for 1 year now but they never sent me any mailer like this…. how do such things always find their way to you?????hehehe

  8. Cynic in Wonderland Says:

    Yup. Think that is a GREAT fitment. Can married drama queens also apply?

  9. Trauma Queen Says:

    ashish – if ur so secretive – you wont be able to handle spotlight – isliye u did not gaet the invite 😛cynic – why not yaar! make sure u have a bloody good lawyer – just in case…

  10. Tazeen Says:

    So goes for aggressive marketing in the days of recession? wah wah. Thank God we are spared those, but the day in not far when we get these ads on prime time. After all, shadi is the biggest business in our part of the world.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I suggest you pitch ur tent in any colors serial coz saas-bahu sagas of star plus is so passe 😉— KS

  12. Princess Fiona Says:

    lol..where the hell do u find all this…umm..can i register..and also get my boyfriend to register..and we pretend to meet for the first time..just so that they’ll pay for everythin?? 🙂

  13. ąŝħĭŝħ Says:

    brudder hai hai yeh majboori…they have written “indian residents only” in bold.. what do i do? 😦u do one thing…. u go to the show and sing“saajan mera us paar hai….”

  14. Trauma Queen Says:

    fiona: sooper idea i say! only u guys should cut off all ties now itself cos these tv channels have spies and very strict rules – u dont wanna get disqualified 😉wvc: nonsfi (nonsense fiona?)ashish: mak eup ur mind! u cant be a bhaiyya and a saiyyan 😛

  15. Noodlehead Says:

    omg!! are they serious about this??? omg (in a janice imitation).

  16. Says:

    Oh, classy!Have you seen this post about Kay Trimberger’s research on single women in India?–Christina at Onely

  17. ąŝħĭŝħ Says:

    U posted our whole chat here?? I saw that just now! This is gonna be a minus point now 😦 but still 363 days to go 😉

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