If the title did not do enough to conjure an utterly gross image in your head, listen to this story:

A neighbour of mine – a fairly healthy man with no medical problems, was happily minding his own business when he suddenly had convulsive fits. He was rushed to the hospital and no one had any clue as to what was going on. After conducting MRI’s and CT scans and what nots – they found out the source for his troubles – a tapeworm lodged in his brain.

This man is a vegetarian, (so much for pork being the only source of tapeworm.) I’m so scared now – I had really nasty cramps last week. And now this! What if he was hiking or driving? What kind of veggies are they selling in my area? Are they really growing it in sewage water? I’m so terribly freaked out by these wormy tales I feel disgusted at the sight of vegetables now – n that’s super sad cos I’m a skinny vegetarian 😦

So much for signing a ‘worm peace’ pact with the critters. I don’t believe we can ever be friends. I truly feel like I’m living out an episode from the X-Files. I have got myself dewormed but I’m still maha freaked out. So if u don’t find me blogging or posting lousy comments on your blogs, you may safely assume I am having convulsive fits…

In other not-so-depressing news, I find myself afflicted by another worm – a earworm. Every time I need to speak to a team in Philippines – I have that song ‘Bebot’ playing in me head. It’s terribly distracting sige, and horribly annoying – sige.

What next? Ringworm?

10 Responses to “Wormicelli”

  1. onely.org Says:

    Oh, that is so terribly unsettling — sorry for your tapeworm fears, Total Trauma. Take vitamins! And long walks — away from tapewormed man. Blech!— L

  2. popsie Says:

    That truly is Gross! You are kidding me. Tapeworm in his brain? You freeked me out as well.

  3. Kartik Says:

    Pork is one of the sources of <>Teania solium<>, you get it from eating cystercerci, roughly tapeworm eggs, that are in infected pig muscle. But I think, you can get worms from faecal contamination of food or water. Another really scary worm is <>Ascaris lumbricoides<> these things, as part of their life cycle, travel from your stomach, through your veins to you heart, into your lungs, up your wind-pipe and then back down your oesophagus to your stomach.And, yeah from your twitticism, getting laid has it’s own set of associated parasites, <>Herpes simplex, Tryponema palladium<> et al.

  4. Kartik Says:


  5. kowthas Says:

    Yikes! Tapeworm in HEAD! What the hell is it doing up there anyway? Should’nt it be near the bile and gastric juices sucking away. Ew! Geez, okay, i hate anything slimy and snakey, and now I have this image stuck in my head 😦 Rads

  6. Terra Shield Says:

    Hmmm… I heard that sushi does that to you, well, too much of it anyway.

  7. Cynic in Wonderland Says:

    wash all the veggies with salt water – kills the eggs etc. ( supposed to) at any rate

  8. Reshma Says:

    And remember the white vinegar funda. White vinegar and water – 1:3 ratio. soak for sometime. clean 🙂

  9. El Goofydom Says:

    quickly quickly now write off another post

  10. randomrobin Says:

    I got laid off, not the best thing to happen but I would be exaggerating if I said that my world came to a screeching halt. All this supposed possibility to do the things that I have always wanted to do and now can, makes it almost worth it. As far as the tape worm concern goes, well at least it is not gonorrhea, now imagine that in the head!!!The world is an ugly, ugly place to live in!

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