Bulky endometrium

She waits…patiently waits
Wondering if he will ever turn up.
She pines and longs and wonders if she will ever be blessed by a stroke of luck.
The air is acidic, the sky is red,
She clings on to this wall of hope, and hopes to cling on to it forever.

But wait she will
And if he does not turn up
She will cry..and wail..and bleed
And pine and pray..over and over again

But one day…they will meet
They will dance to the tunes of love
And start a new life so beautiful

But till then..she cries..
She bleeds

Chove Chuva…constant is the rain
Chove Chuva…endless is the pain

28 Responses to “Bulky endometrium”

  1. Terra Shield Says:

    That was lovely!

  2. popsie Says:


  3. frissko Says:

    She vacillates between these opposing cravings?
    For singledom, and for companionship..

    Or will you have us beleive that ‘He’ is God here as well :)…

  4. Trauma Queen Says:

    oh hell man frissko..why do you always read the same meaning in all my posts? I suppose all of us ‘read’ what we relate to the most, so I can’t blame you.

    but to clarify..the endometrium is the lining of the uterus wall that becomes thick or ‘bulky’ before every menstrual cycle. And well ‘an ode to my menstrual period’ was too lame a title for this poem…

    I thought it was interesting to personify the egg and how she waits for a sperm every month…and how it really is so hard for them to meet these days…stress..acidic environments..blah can really have such double meanings… and the poet in me could not resist composing this piece 🙂

    now I HATE clarifying my writing on my blog..so pls to not make me do this next time….

    terra and pops: thanks guys…I guess being women u got the point 😉

    wvc: psycles…cycles?

  5. theanalogkid Says:

    don’t you just HATE explaining yourself? 😉

  6. frissko Says:

    ouch…all i had to do was to do a wordweb on endometrium!…it’s a clever nice piece actually (now that i know what it is)…

    ok will slowly start chewing my foot now…

    but pliss to be nicer to guests, even the ignorant ones…

  7. Kartik Says:

    Well i did the endometrium in the 12th in bio, life-processes 2.
    I was the only guy that knew the male and female reproductive tracts inside out. I don’t know if it was an interest in biology or just me and my perversions.
    Hehe… trust a guy to reduce something beautiful to plain old sex. HA chitty chitty bang <>bang<>

  8. Trauma Queen Says:

    @Kartik: from blogflirting to chitty banging eh? fast only 🙂

    @frissko: you’re now long distance fraand no? so ur forgiven 🙂 btw it seems there is a place near dull-ass dallas called frisco.

    wvc: forni (kartik..methinks this blog is telling us sth 😛 )

  9. Kartik Says:

    yeah fast only, lol!

  10. Princess Fiona Says:

    i have to ask…u looking forward to the act of making sure “it” clings on to the wall and the much elusive orgasm!!! 😉

    overall..well written..and frisko..tsk tsk…now that ur in United States of Assholes – its important you know all these things 🙂

    and karthik – i think it was just ur perversion 😛

  11. Kartik Says:

    Princess F, elusive? Lol you can’t be doing it right

  12. Princess Fiona Says:

    @karthik – lol!!! i dont claim to have done “it” at all…hence the elusive… 😛

    too much info??? oh well…doesnt hurt…not like u know who i am 🙂

  13. Are Gee Says:

    err – some eyes mine! I somehow skipped the “endometrium” word – and saw only “bulky” and “she waits”, and thought it was about you and your recent fixation with fat (bulky) guys! Only when I reached “bleed” did the endometrium word click. Saary maa!

  14. Trauma Queen Says:

    what happens if are gee meets the bee gees?

    will she become a behen-gee?

    gee whiz!

    a certain portal makes me bleed…if u get my drift…. and isn’t it strange that the chinese like the color red?

    now i AM stressed out! bulk is a good distraction i suppose!

  15. Brownian Motion Says:


  16. Julia Scissor Says:

    The first poem I have ever read about a period!

  17. Cynic in Wonderland Says:

    interesting this is. she cries and she bleeds. oh man. yes.

  18. fungus Says:

    Hoy! Cool poem! Didn’t really understand it till i read the meaning here.. hehe..

  19. Epiphany Says:

    I guess someone else would have cried if he got there 😉

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Nice one!

  21. MINATOR Says:

    I m gonna shoot myself… [ Now searching for my smith & wesson ]

    I thought it was one of those sad ass broken love poems…

    terrific work… 🙂

  22. MINATOR Says:

    hey i went through your music library… have to say there werent many songs i ve heard… but i would like to suggest…

    phil collins – i wish it would rain down
    America – u can do magic
    Al Green – aint no sunshine…

    i hope there are no grammar mistakes in that… Then again I'm a half man-half beast why would i are about trivial things like grammar…

  23. TinMan Says:

    Haha, posting on the endo-metrium
    I understand that as a reticulated someone
    Arrest me, before I’m rusticated
    Haha, a bunch of gibberish strung together
    Assumes meaning somewhere in the beholder’s inner ear
    possibly between the navel and the second plexus
    Nexus, plexus! point is, let’s forget we ever meant to say anything
    A random number is my love, it’s the same for you too, you see.

  24. Trauma Queen Says:


    I think the Wizard of Oz needs to give you a Rosy Crucifixion 🙂
    Else ask for a heart made not of tin, but iron

  25. WilliamRamsai Says:

    I am quite frustrated. It’s time to go now, and the support is hard to reach.

  26. sklep Says:

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