Guess the Toon!

Think you know your cartoon characters well? We’ll see..

Who said the following? None of the characters have been repeated. No surfing the net and cheating!

  1. You are stoopid! You are stoopid! And don’t forjet…..YOU ARE STOOPID!!
  2. I am ____ ____. And I will destroy Townsville!
  3. Thuffering Thuckerdash!
  4. Hello, 911 Emergency? There’s a handsome guy in my bathroom! Hey, wait a second. Cancel that – it’s only me!
  5. You make the food. I serve the food. We do this for 40 years, and then, we die.
  6. Oh My God! They killed Kenny!
  7. Ooh! What does this button do?!
  8. Exit, stage right.
  9. Jinkies!
  10. Eh? Wassup doc!
  11. uh ha ha ha ha ha…yeah,,,uh,…huh huh haha..yeah (Hint: 2 people)
  12. You know, it may be possible to be too attractive.
  13. I hate meeses to pieces
  14. I yam what I yam
  15. Must..have…crabby…patty…secret..formula!!
  16. I tawt I taw a putty cat!
  17. Yes, Dexter, I can read your thoughts, and I am smarter than you.
  18. Dayayayayayayayayaya!
  19. Whyy that wil white wascally wabbit!
  20. Baths are for big fat wussies!
  21. Hey! Hey! Hey! I’m smarter than the average bear!
  22. I said, I said, I said boy, are you listening to me boy?
  23. Zoinks!
  24. That’s all folks!

Bonus Q: The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.

7 Responses to “Guess the Toon!”

  1. Rajesh Says:

    1) Dexter
    2) Mojo Jojo
    3) Sylvester
    4) Johnny Bravo
    6) ACtually a lot of different characters say this, but it’s Kyle that says it most often I think.
    7) Dee dee
    10) Bugs Bunny
    11) Beavis and Butthead
    13) The Pixie and Dixie cat Mr Jinx
    16) Tweety Bird
    17) Mandark
    19) Elmer Fudd
    21) Yogi Bear
    22) This one’s at the tip of my tongue but I can’t get it.
    23) Shaggy
    24) Porky Pig

  2. Mark Says:

    Good show Rajesh, your knowledge of toons is very good.

    But anyways I will cover what you missed and yet there are some I dont know. Cartoon Network on telly has changed you know….Good show Chits…

    8) Is that Shakespearan Lion / Feline (that over confident bum…:))
    9) I think its a lady character from the Scooby show – maybe Velma
    14) I think its Popeye… (heeic, heeic…)
    22) Is that Over Confident Rooster in the Warner Bros toons (this dude loves playing with chicken hawks)

  3. Aunty Helpful Dictator Says:

    15. Is Plankton from spongebob

    Any other ones I know are already answered 😦

  4. TerraShield Says:

    I’ve been so out of touch with cartoons… the only ones I know have been answered already…

  5. Trauma Queen Says:

    awesome answers guys..but clearly you’ll have had a deprived cartoon life without spongebob squarepants 🙂

    answers below:
    1. Dexter
    2. Mojo jojo (too easy na?)
    3. Sylvester
    4. Who else? Johnny Bravo!
    5. Squidward Tentacles (from spongebob – he is so much like Richard from ‘Caroline in the city’)
    6. Various characters from Southpark..but yes rajesh..mostly Kyle
    7. Dee dee!
    8. SNAGGLEPUSS (did not snag that so easily eh?)
    9. Velma
    10. Bugs Bunny
    11. Beavis and Butthead
    12. Pepe le Pew (the skunk from looney toons)
    13. Mr Jinks
    14. Popeye
    15. Plankton (from spongebob)
    16. Tweety
    17. Mandark
    18. Spongebob!
    19. Elmer Fudd
    20. Buttercup – yes she HATES baths!
    21. Yogi bear
    22. The big fat chicken called FOGHORN LEGHORN
    23. Shaggy
    24. Porky

    Bonus Q: Patrick Starr…again..from spongebob!

  6. A Cynic in Wonderland Says:

    Ok. I sucked at this. :((

  7. Kartik Says:

    You missed… DOH!

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