O Sigh-atic! O sciatica!

O SCIATIC! O sciatica!
Why do you traumatise me thus?
O why do you sting me for every now and then?
Why must you continue? O why do you not cease?
Is it because, if you keep continuing this way, you would soon certainly slip disc me?

(with apologies to Walt Whitman for spoofing his poem)

3 Responses to “O Sigh-atic! O sciatica!”

  1. minimousya Says:

    aha! bhesh bhesh!! I can so completely empathize 😦

  2. Are Gee Says:

    You are so much in sync with the “latest”. You get a herniated disc when Buffon’s similar condition is in news. Totally hep huh? 😉 On a serious note, please take care, and keep coming up with such stuff! 🙂

  3. A Cynic in Wonderland Says:

    ouch. thats not good. take care

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