Mujhse Shaadi Karoge?

What an awesome way for me to get over my matrimonial fears AND be in the spotlight!

If I win this opportunity of a lifetime – all my dreams WILL come true. Ekta Kapoor will definitely give me a role in her TV serials this time, and who knows, I might even get a chance to dance on the esteemed TV show – Nach Baliye.

I shall immediately create a profile. I suppose Trauma Queen not-so-aptly translates to “susheelbahu rani”.

Boys with melodramatic acting/dancing skills who are also dying to be in the spotlight are most welcome to scheme with me. Of course – you will first need to create a profile on

As for the tricky part of being married, hmm, that can always be ended once the media frenzy dies down. Everyone’s backs will be scratched and everyone will be happy – participants, viewers, bloggers and media conglomerates alike.

Thank you all ye conniving dot coms and TV channels – you truly teach us the meaning of ‘equitable business’ 🙂


Could the visitor from Nokia, Finland, who looks at my blog at least once a day, kindly tell me who s/he is? I’m not sure if you are from Nokia or just use a Nokia IP connection – but I’m curious to know who you are, especially since I hate the way my current Nokia phone behaves.
Perhaps you could help 🙂
In additional news, Julia Scissor has very graciously given me a blog award. Even though it is an outdated 2008 one, it means a lot since the scumbags on my blogroll have never give me any award. Now the tricky part about getting this blog award is that I am supposed to practice the good old adage of ‘give and take’ and am thus forced to give this award to seven other blogs that are supposedly brilliant (that’s a toughie since very few blogs are as brilliant as mine). In any case, you are most welcome to post an oscar-speech comment if you get an award.
  1. Penny for my thoughts gets the award for being crazy as hell! Princess Fiona is truly a riot and mental in every way. I am fully in like with her blog.
  • Geek and Poke: If you, like me, like to be a geek and poke fun at the world – this is a page you HAVE to visit. Extra fun guaranteed if you like comics and caricatures.
  • Aunty Helpful Dictator Strikes Back cos she is an aunty (not an aunty-ji) who hates Kill Bill and is not afraid to call a spade a crummy gardening tool. And since she is a dictator I’m playing it safe and giving her this award. Though I’m sure it makes no difference to her – I mean dictators don’t need others to tell them they’re good, do they?
  • The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely cos reading his blog makes me go ooh and ah in many, many ways. Lord Likely also champions the cause of good-health as he indulges in physical activity at least once in a few hours. If any blog is more briliant than mine, it is definitely this one.
  • Enroute Cemetery because Pappu can’t dance and software engineers can write! The brilliance of this blog is not restricted to language alone, but to the presentation of the layers of life, shrouded in shades of mystery. Ok I give up! I can’t write like him!