But don’t you see?

You’re the one,
the others are just for fun.

You’re my joy,
the others are mere toys.

You’re my king,
they are songs I sing.

With you I wish to wine and dine,
with them I merely pass time.

I think of you from dusk to dawn.
they seem fun, but make me yawn.

You, my friend, are oh-so fine!
With that, I end this pathetic rhyme.

Why I never want to marry

  1. To begin with – I hate the concept of a wedding. Of wasting a lot of money to wear uncomfortable clothes, sit in front of a fire that causes allergic reactions, chant slokas that I do not and probably never will understand. I think Arya samaj weddings are nice – but only to watch. What I really hate about weddings is feeding people you have probably said ‘hello’ to once in your entire life, who only yak and chatter and pass lousy comments throughout the wedding.
  2. I do not want to relocate to another city. And yes, MOST people relocate at some point or another – it is typically the girl (I’m saying this based on married couples I personally know). I’m happy living in this city, having grown up here, having my parents here – please do not expect me to be married to you and stay in another city. I’d rather not be married.
  3. I do not believe in ‘middle paths’ and ‘equal halves’. We all know there is always a bigger half. The bigger half typically goes to the more aggressive person in the couple, and one person is ALWAYS more aggressive and authoritative.
  4. Perhaps I’d like to be the one who gets the bigger half. What perhaps – of course I do!
  5. I do not want to come home tired and exhausted and have to cook for someone else. It is a different matter if there is someone to cook for me, but I do not like the idea of having to be that cook every now and then.
  6. I like gaypop and Le Sport. I do not like Bimbo Boy’s music. I am currently listening to ‘If Neil Tennant was my lover’
  7. Point 6 was a digression.
  8. The biggest difference between dating and marriage is that marriage brings 2 families together – which is a terribly stressful thought. Perhaps I am brainwashed by Ekta Kapoor, but I DO NOT want my life to ever be about sarees and trauma jewelry and being paraded as an exhibit by in-laws and pilgrimages and poojas and what not.
  9. I want to date others and not have people pass comments like ‘wojshooo-she is married but having dinner with some other fello’. Also, I do not want to tag along to all your friend’s parties and outings and what nots as exhibit: wife/gf/whatever. And once we marry, we have to be a ‘couple’ that does everything together. Like two stupid oxen yoked together for eternity. Yuck.
  10. I do not want I to morph into US. Ever.
  11. I want lots of babies, and I want them to be MY babies, not OURS. It’s a pity that human cloning is a big legal issue.
  12. I am not a femextremist. I am mostly selfish, and love being so.
  13. I strongly feel I was meant to be a single celled organism, mitosis and all. But guess wot, I’m not one 😛
  14. I also believe I am doing ‘man’kind a huge favour by not getting married. You can gather whatever meaning you want from that statement 🙂
  15. A divorce takes 6 months, a parting of ways takes lesser time.
  16. I don’t think ‘living in’ is any better. You still have to put up with one person and cook and clean and relocate and be an ‘us’ and go mad.
  17. Amoebae rock! They can also make pretty flowery shapes, and cause a bad stomach – hehe.
  18. And no, this aint new, I have been a great lover of singlehood for a long time now.

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Anthropologically speaking

What is the process of mate selection among humans?

Does the guy choose or does the girl choose or is it mutual??? I think unlike all other species, among humans it’s the male who chooses his mate. While peacocks and male robins and lions are gifted with features that make them attractive, among humans it’s the female who has to preen and prettify herself so that she can attract a suitable mate, despite the fact that it is the female who is sought after….

And while among all animal species it’s the female who chooses her mate, chooses when she wants to mate, and who typically chooses none other than the alpha male – it seems to be completely opposite with humans. The dowry system proves that its a matter of honor and prestige for the female to be chosen… and I guess the more ‘endowed’ she is (pun intended), the greater are her chances of being selected.

So is it really a mutual thing??

Is there a concept of an alpha female among humans??? I guess not…why was she dragged from caves by her it cos there is no concept of ‘consent’ in human mating? You mean to say she preens herself to attract the male but then has no say as to whether she is ready to mate or not?? (as against lions, tigers, even iguanas) Is it the same with chimps and gorillas, our distant cousins?? Or does she make herself attractive to show that she is ready to mate??

Or is female preening an after-effect of civilization???

What about an alpha male…is James Bond an alpha male? Does the perfect combination of power, prestige and money make a man an alpha male??? Is that why he gets all the girls???

I’m extremely confused and I guess watching discovery channel and bond movies will only confuse me more.

Single, not ready to mingle

I wish I were single
For the rest of my life
I wish people did not brand me a commitment-phobe just cos I prefer being single
I wish my reasons for wanting to marry were stronger than wanting to have legitimate children and safety from creeps
I wish I could take my mother’s view of seeing more boys…arranged or non arranged more seriously
Perhaps I should start meeting boys
Perhaps I should meet some lesbians
I want to know what true love is all about
I want to know if this is true love
I want to meet the one
I wish I were strong enough to make anyone the one
I wish I was not so confused
I’d like to believe there is no such thing as the one,
and if there is, I’d like to believe it’s me 🙂

A.m. I a narcissist?
A.m. I really too full of myself?
Could the auto-correct please stop printing ‘am’ as a.m.?
Do I use the word ‘I’ too often? In my blog? In my chats? In regular conversation?

I wish he did not get away
I wish he did not return
I wish things happened the way I wanted them to
I wish nice guys knew how to sing and dance
I wish I was a wildlife photographer
I’m using the word I too often

I hate wannabes, but have been accused of being one
I hate hypocrites, but I know I’m one
I hate having to fight with the people I love
But sometimes, I feel good letting them know exactly how I feel
I wish I could have a spiritual make-over, and ‘grow up’ as my sibling says
I wanna be a lady and go to charm school
I wanna be a radical and never wax my legs

I need to go now…..