New Age Mowgli

Kipling’s Mowgli was an enterprising Gujju bhai 🙂

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Corporate dirtbag

(To be sung to the tune of Wheatus’ Teenage Dirtbag)

My workplace is hell
I’m always day-dreaming
I can’t even tell
When I will be leaving
I walk to my cab
He’s looking so fab
But he doesn’t know who I am
And he doesn’t give a damn about me

Cause I’m just a corporate dirtbag baby
A brick in the wall – I’m faceless baby
Listen to Himesh Reshmi baby with me

My TL’s a d***
He brings his laptop to work
Such a damn prick
Knows nothing ’bout the job
He lives on my block
And faffs like a dork
But he doesn’t know who I am
And he doesn’t give a damn about me

Cause I’m just a corporate dirtbag baby
A brick in the wall – I’m faceless baby
Listen to Himesh Reshmi baby with me

I mean yeah..
Who cares..
He doesn’t know what he’s missing

Man I’m so damn bored
It’s lunch time and I am lonely
Lo and behold!
He’s walking over to me
This must be fake
My hand starts to shake
How does he know who I am
And why does he give a damn about..

“I’ve got two tickets to Himesh Reshmi baby
Come with me Saturday, don’t say maybe
I’m just a corporate dirtbag baby like you”

Yeeah dirtbags, no they don’t know what they’re missin!

Himesh Reshamiyyacoming soon to a city near you

I’m infected, so are you

Fine, so I admit I’m a fan of Himesh Reshamiyya. As one of the Radio City RJ’s said, you either love him or you hate him. But I personally believe we all love him, after all he has won three awards (filmfare, zee cine and stardust) for best music director, best new musician etc etc.

So if you’re a closet fan, its time to come out in the open. And for those who still want to be stuck in the closet, read this:

The benefits of being a Himesh Reshamiyya fan

1. Your look: For starters, you can wear the crappiest of clothes and sport the most unkempt look and get away with it without having to lie about being an iitian. Like that guy AD Khan on the second floor in my office – he has managed to convince HR that a blue P-Cap is acceptable office wear.

2. People Repellant: No odomos required, Himesh songs have an amazing effect on homo sapiens, especially those at the workplace. Watch as people make way for you every time they see you. No one dares to stand even 20 feet near you. You are feared and dreaded for being the worst office pest ever!

3. Bye bye Isabgol: Struggling every morning? Just ensure you sing “ooooooooooh huzooooooooooor” for a good five minutes, and you need never sing “jhalak dikhla ja…ek baar aaja aaja aaja” on the pot ever again.

4. New and improved vocab: Put all those annoying punjabis (opposite of madrasis) to shame by showing off your brilliant urdu-esque vocab. Learn to use words like ‘kashish’, suroor’ and ‘sarfarosh’ while conversing. And for the benefit of phreakv6 and other readers
– kashish means attraction
– sarfarosh means above everything else
– nasha means intoxication
– madhosh is another form of intoxication
– jhalak means glance
– suroor means….errr…I need to figure that out..meanings anyone?

5. From office pest to office’s best: In the evolution of your fandom, you will see benefit number two slowly being replaced by this benefit. The more Himesh you sing, the bigger everyone else’s earworm gets. Soon you’ll have the I-live-and-die-only-metallica fan humming “naam hain tera” when no one else is looking. People even start talking about wanting to buy himesh ji’s new cd. And before you know it, everyone is infected! This brings in a whole new meaning to the term ‘herd mentality’

6. The “ooh” factor: Just like how ‘Om’ is uttered at the beginning of a shloka/mantra, Himesh intentionally starts all his songs with an ‘oooh’. Its added nasality is actually a disguised ‘Om’; thus whether u like it or not, his songs r bound to be successes!

So step out and REALISE that Himesh is the next big stinging sensation of India. (Stinging bole to like Sting) Stop pretending to hate him and admit that you, like millions of others, are infected.

And for those who still don’t wanna admit it, visit this link :Best of Himesh
Don’t worry, I wont tell anyone you were listening to ‘Tera Suroor’

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