Proud to be Proud

Proud to be me

Proud to be a woman

Proud to embrace my androgynous self

Proud to be fashionable – be it sports shoes with formal pants, or high heels with short skirts

Proud to be a part of my team

Proud to see genuine change in these office walls

Proud and happy to see ads on tv representing the place I work

Proud to be an Indian

Proud to be a Corporate activist – bringing bigots and racists down to their knees

Proud of Pride Month

Proud to be a part time geek and a full time freak

Proud that I can spread my wings and fly

Proud to be so proud 🙂

Bulky endometrium

She waits…patiently waits
Wondering if he will ever turn up.
She pines and longs and wonders if she will ever be blessed by a stroke of luck.
The air is acidic, the sky is red,
She clings on to this wall of hope, and hopes to cling on to it forever.

But wait she will
And if he does not turn up
She will cry..and wail..and bleed
And pine and pray..over and over again

But one day…they will meet
They will dance to the tunes of love
And start a new life so beautiful

But till then..she cries..
She bleeds

Chove Chuva…constant is the rain
Chove Chuva…endless is the pain

Why I never want to marry

  1. To begin with – I hate the concept of a wedding. Of wasting a lot of money to wear uncomfortable clothes, sit in front of a fire that causes allergic reactions, chant slokas that I do not and probably never will understand. I think Arya samaj weddings are nice – but only to watch. What I really hate about weddings is feeding people you have probably said ‘hello’ to once in your entire life, who only yak and chatter and pass lousy comments throughout the wedding.
  2. I do not want to relocate to another city. And yes, MOST people relocate at some point or another – it is typically the girl (I’m saying this based on married couples I personally know). I’m happy living in this city, having grown up here, having my parents here – please do not expect me to be married to you and stay in another city. I’d rather not be married.
  3. I do not believe in ‘middle paths’ and ‘equal halves’. We all know there is always a bigger half. The bigger half typically goes to the more aggressive person in the couple, and one person is ALWAYS more aggressive and authoritative.
  4. Perhaps I’d like to be the one who gets the bigger half. What perhaps – of course I do!
  5. I do not want to come home tired and exhausted and have to cook for someone else. It is a different matter if there is someone to cook for me, but I do not like the idea of having to be that cook every now and then.
  6. I like gaypop and Le Sport. I do not like Bimbo Boy’s music. I am currently listening to ‘If Neil Tennant was my lover’
  7. Point 6 was a digression.
  8. The biggest difference between dating and marriage is that marriage brings 2 families together – which is a terribly stressful thought. Perhaps I am brainwashed by Ekta Kapoor, but I DO NOT want my life to ever be about sarees and trauma jewelry and being paraded as an exhibit by in-laws and pilgrimages and poojas and what not.
  9. I want to date others and not have people pass comments like ‘wojshooo-she is married but having dinner with some other fello’. Also, I do not want to tag along to all your friend’s parties and outings and what nots as exhibit: wife/gf/whatever. And once we marry, we have to be a ‘couple’ that does everything together. Like two stupid oxen yoked together for eternity. Yuck.
  10. I do not want I to morph into US. Ever.
  11. I want lots of babies, and I want them to be MY babies, not OURS. It’s a pity that human cloning is a big legal issue.
  12. I am not a femextremist. I am mostly selfish, and love being so.
  13. I strongly feel I was meant to be a single celled organism, mitosis and all. But guess wot, I’m not one 😛
  14. I also believe I am doing ‘man’kind a huge favour by not getting married. You can gather whatever meaning you want from that statement 🙂
  15. A divorce takes 6 months, a parting of ways takes lesser time.
  16. I don’t think ‘living in’ is any better. You still have to put up with one person and cook and clean and relocate and be an ‘us’ and go mad.
  17. Amoebae rock! They can also make pretty flowery shapes, and cause a bad stomach – hehe.
  18. And no, this aint new, I have been a great lover of singlehood for a long time now.

Get Lost!!!

Yeah you! I’m telling you to take a hike!

You who decides to appear from nowhere and take a peekaboo at my blog..
and then put in dumb comments that I’m not even interested in.

You who has the same crap to say every time…you’re so yawn!!

You who thinks blogging is a waste of time, but reads/writes blogs secretly at work.

You who is pissed off with the asshole boss at work, or the annoying spouse, or someone I couldn’t care about – and decides to vent out all your stress here.

You who gets offended with my blogger name without even knowing WHY I have such a name.

You who gets away with offense, racism and sexism, because you are gutless to do so in front of real people.

Or because you love to stir/create a controversy, for things that are not controversial in any way.

You who gets upset with me cos your blog aint on my blogroll. And starts getting personal for a reason as lame as a blogroll.

You who tries to analyse, dissect and psychoanalyse every part of me – through this blog and this blog alone.

You – you there..big fat greep trying to hide from the world.

You who always has something to say even when there is no need for it

You who is probably going to post a comment, despite this blogpost.

Goodbye, Hello

So I’m the Time’s person of the year, and so are you and so is everybody else 😛

So we learnt the meaning of a shrinking world, we crossed boundaries, respected differences, ego-surfed, narcicissed, plagiarized and so on and so forth.

We read between the lines when no lines existed, we hid behind anonymous identities secretly spewing opinions. We abused, we tolerated, we made friends, we learnt and perhaps un-learnt.

In my own life, office creeps paved the way for good, decent male friends.

Jennifer Aniston decided to steal my new year resolution of being single and happy. Of course, I don’t want people to think I copied her idea, so I shall not write about it on my blog – “my little space” where I get to rave and rant about silly things that affect me so.

The public has taken the place of the private, we prefer leaving scraps to sending emails. We fish for sympathy from our blogger friends because we are too scared to hear the truth from our ‘real’ friends. We have the occasional ‘psycho’ enjoying the freedom of invisibility so much that voyeurism, e-stalking and pornographic avatars are now ‘cool’ things to indulge in.

Virgins are becoming a minority in India. If you choose to wear a chastity ring, you are frowned upon as being a new-age weirdo who is too scared of ‘defying’ an antiquated moral system. There is no such thing as peer pressure when you have crossed your teens, or so is the belief. You are supposedly old enough to think for yourself, whether you are 20 or 60.

I noticed that being parents is not easy, and being grandparents is perhaps even more challenging. Grandparents have not only gone through the arduous task of bringing up their children, they worry for their grandchildren, neglect their health, and live up to the responsibility of being role models for everybody involved.

I met people who eloped at 19, divorced at 24, people who feared they would be single for the rest of their lives, and a woman who chose to get married at 40 and have kids at 45.

Asthma is on the rise and I fear I may soon become its next victim, as is the case with every other person in my city.

I hated the corporate world two years ago, but I have also had many a reality check here. Very few people think. My doggie tag is now an access card that is nothing more than a mere access card. I have outgrown my communist student days and have started embracing capitalism for what it is worth. ‘Selfish’ no longer has a negative connotation in my dictionary.

I want to stop being a coward and learn to make up my mind without being so obsessed with having a plausible ‘business case’ every time. I now firmly believe that while opposites attract, they are worst things that can happen to each other. It is frustrating to always explain your jokes, your opinions, your point of views etc etc to someone who thinks so differently from you. I’m now on the lookout for a clone, at the same time, I want to give the present my very best shot, and appreciate every moment, because moments are after all, fleeting.

I might become a voice-over artist some day…some day….some day…

Till then, I sincerely pray and hope that everyone gets their chance to turn into a new leaf, if it was ever on their agenda.